1970s Las Vegas Chronicled in Marlayna Glynn Brown's Graphic Memoir

Marlayna Glynn Brown released a new memoir entitled, Overlay, that chronicles a childhood spent in 1970s mafia casino era Las Vegas. Marlayna states, "Overlay is not just my story - but a platform that provides an opportunity for readers to examine their own choices and decisions in their lives. It is relevant and inspirational for anyone with a family member struggling with alcoholism or addiction."

Austin, TX, April 04, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Author Marlayna Glynn Brown grew up in the 1970s Las Vegas mafia casino era. Her first memoir, Overlay, reveals an intriguing narrative of a strong child protagonist born into an ongoing cycle of alcoholism and abandonment amidst fallen adults. Marlayna describes a childhood that enabled her to develop a powerful sense of self-preservation as the people entrusted with her care abdicated their responsibilities. Her story reveals the personalities of the bizarre cast of characters that populated her life as she moved from home to home, parent to parent, family to family and ultimately to homelessness at the age of fourteen. Overlay will appeal to fans of the movie Casino and readers who prefer a strong journalistic storytelling style that does not delve into pity.

“Overlay isn't necessarily just about me and my story,” Marlayna explains. “It provides an opportunity for the reader to examine their own choices, decisions and actions and consider how they affect others. I find we often underestimate our power to transform those around us, at times irrevocably.”

Marlayna's story is relevant and inspirational for anyone with a family member struggling with alcoholism or addiction. Parents and children will easily relate to Marlayna's haunting and riveting tales of trying to make childhood sense of adult nonsensical behavior. Her powerful story will captivate readers and remain in their consciousness long after the last page of her story has been turned.

“I've been humbled and surprised by the outpouring of emotion from the readers. As a child I felt quite alone in dealing with the dysfunctional insanity in my family. I've learned as an adult that I was not as unique or alone as I'd previously believed,” Marlayna states.

About the Author
Marlayna Glynn Brown is an Austin, Texas-based author, screenwriter, producer and photographer. Marlayna was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada and bases many of her unusual characters and unexpected story lines on true events. Marlayna has a Bachelor of Arts in literature and a Master of Science in Human Services, yet claims to learn her most valuable lessons through her love of avid travel and four teenagers. Overlay is Marlayna's first memoir, and she is currently writing her second memoir in what she anticipates will be a three part series.

Overlay is currently being offered exclusively on Amazon. For more information about Overlay, please visit www.marlaynaglynnbrown.com.
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