MED Romania - UV Disinfection Manufacturer

MED Romania - UV Disinfection Manufacturer is expanding - Distributors/Resellers Wanted

Bucharest, Romania, April 04, 2012 --( MED Romania is planning to expand and is looking for distributors/reseller worldwide.

The company’s wide range of UV Disinfection Units is manufactured in Romania since 1993. The production process focuses on providing high quality and high performance units at affordable prices. All UV disinfection units are manufactured under a patented principle (RO Invention no: 118844) that uses energy concentration on ellipsoidal mirror’s principle basis.

MED Romania UV Disinfection Devices are safely operating in:
· Medical Industry: Hospitals, Doctors' Offices;
· Alimentary Industry: Food processing plants, Rooms for food packaging;
· Pharmaceutical Industry: Laboratories, Clean rooms;
· Healthcare and Beauty Industry: Beauty salon, SPA;
· Public Places: Schools and Kindergarten, Waiting rooms (hospitals, bus stations, airports), Commercial buildings, Residences throughout the world;
UV disinfection is a physical process with no remnants faced to a chemical disinfectant which leads to chemical waste with dangerous effects.

The main advantages of using UV disinfection units are: it prevents the spread of disease and sickness; eliminates undesired smells; totally eliminates the need for the usage of chemical products thus protecting the user and the environment; very low energy consumption; ozone free and also non-toxic.

The company’s MidasAnAir® range include MidasAnAir® 3040 for air disinfection, MidasAnAir® Toothbrush, MidasAnAir® HT1500 for hands disinfection, MidasAnAir® Portable for products disinfection, MidasAnAir® Tetine and many other units for air and surfaces disinfection.

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