is Now Offering a Discount on Obesimed Weight Management Capsules

In its drive to help people slim down for summer, is offering a fantastic 15% off the Obesimed Weight Management range.

Redditch, United Kingdom, April 05, 2012 --( Jeans feeling a little too tight? Can’t stand the thought of trying to squeeze into a pair of shorts this summer? The unusually sunny end to March that we have just experienced has led many of us to look towards the summer, but if the thought of summer fills you with dread because of some extra weight, look no further than The UK-base online pharmacy is offering 15% off the Obesimed Weight Management range. is now just charging £15.24 instead of £17.94 for 45 Obesimed capsules, while the 135 capsule pack has been reduced from £44.59 to just £37.90.

Obesimed has been designed for those who are mildly or extremely overweight, and can be used by those over the age of ten. The active ingredient within Obesimed, Omtec19, is made from natural plant fibres and can absorb up to 50 times its own weight in water. It does not alter the body’s metabolism, but fills the stomach instead, helping users to feel fuller for longer. This feeling of fullness should help to reduce the need for snacking, as well as helping people get used to eating smaller portion sizes.

Obesimed helps to maintain a feeling of fullness by reducing the rate that the body absorbs food at. This, in turn, delays the rate at which food leaves the stomach, keeping people feeling fuller for longer. Clinical studies (study available on request from have also shown that Omtec19 can help to reduce blood glucose levels. In addition to this, Omtec19 can also help to reduce cholesterol levels.

Obesimed should help slimmers to sustain a healthy diet plan, as it can reduce the need for snaking and overeating. However, in order to achieve the best weight loss result, it is important to follow a healthy diet and exercise plan. As part of its slim for summer focus, has put together a range of helpful blog entries about healthy eating and weight loss, which will be posted onto its blog throughout April.
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