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Truck load securement merchandise retailer DC Cargo Mall is now highlighting its expansive inventory and dedication to maintaining safety.

Brooklyn, NY, April 05, 2012 --( DC Cargo Mall, a specialist retailer of tie down straps and other durable cargo shipping materials, is spotlighting several areas of its inventory while highlighting its overall commitment to safety. Available online at, the truck tie down retailer is promoting its VeeBoards, flatbed trailer equipment, hardware, and more.

“It’s unfortunate that truckload fatalities are still relatively common, and much of the danger centers around trucks that are improperly loaded. Without the proper truck tie down equipment, tarps, and other security agents, the materials being shipped are vulnerable both in the instance of a crash and during run-of-the-mill highway driving. Improperly securing cargo is a huge risk, both to the driver of a large shipping vehicle as well as any other people within the vicinity – in 2003, a full 11% of all fatal accidents in the United States involved truckload crashes. As a morally responsible company, our foremost concern is to aim for a safer driving and shipping scenario for all parties. Our broad range of products is designed specifically to make shipping a safer process, and protects cargo fleets in the event of any kind of incident on the road,” said David Majesz, CEO of the load securement company.

Whether a shipping company is hoisting cargo or driving a full truckload of goods, advanced freight transmission materials are essential to securing a smooth operation. Within the United States, load securement is subject to various regulations; to satisfy these requirements, DC Cargo Mall pledges to assist shipping companies by providing top quality restraining tools and simultaneously making its customer assistance staff available for all product or regulatory inquiries.

Within its line of products designed particularly for flatbed truck tie down scenarios, DC Cargo Mall carries a wide assortment of tarps; winch straps, tracks, and bars; hooks and chain binders; and other shipping materials. Its budget-friendly ratchet straps, for instance, are an important, basic element of load securement. With a working load limit that ranges from 3,335 pounds up to 6,600 pounds, the tie down straps begin at only $9.60 for 2 inch by 20 inch yellow winch straps with wire hooks.

The retailer also carries a selection of VeeBoards for shipping purposes. Made out of durable and cost-efficient polyethylene, the V-shaped products function as corner protectors for flatbed truck cargo. Ideal for protecting insulated drywall, steel sheeting, and other materials subject to easy damage, VeeBoards are available in several different colors and hold up in all sorts of weather and temperature conditions. The products are designed to adhere to the shape of the cargo being shipped, and can also stack when not in use for easy storage. Available on DC Cargo Mall’s website for as little as $5.99, VeeBoards play an essential role in load securement.

DC Cargo Mall additionally carries a wide variety of smaller hardware items for shipping companies who find that they need to restock on some essentials. Included in its selection are a diverse array of buckles, hooks, chain anchors, fittings, webbing, strap winders, lock boxes, and more. For a hassle-free shopping experience, the truck tie down merchant offers low costs on shipping and guarantees a 30-day return window.

Connect with DC Cargo Mall on its website,, or call 1-866-998-0577. The truck tie down retailer is also accessible at and, or via its blog at
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