The Best Plastic Surgeon in Northern Nevada Shows His Compassion - NNPSA Announces Cleft Palate Clinic

Reno, NV, April 17, 2012 --( The renowned Reno plastic surgeon, Dr. James E. Murphy proves that plastic surgery affects more than breasts and belly fat. His work with local babies shows that the best plastic surgeons are both caring and compassionate.

Dr. Murphy has had over 13 years of success in his plastic surgery practice and has helped many adults gain confidence and improved health. Yet, this skilled surgeon wishes to make a more profound mark on his community. In order to do so he gives his time, training and expertise to the Cleft Palate Clinic and repairs the cranial facial abnormalities of the babies in and around the Reno area. The amount of time and attention he pays to these tiny patients is one of the biggest joys of his practice.

This passionate doctor knows that the cranial facial abnormalities these babies suffer from would negatively affect them for the rest of their lives and likely impede on their ability to live a normal life. Therefore, by correcting these abnormalities, Dr. Murphy is giving these children a chance at a life they would not have had otherwise.

It is clear that Dr. James E. Murphy is not only considered the best plastic surgeon because of his skill and expertise in the field, but also because of his kindhearted nature. For more information regarding Dr. Murphy and his plastic surgery practice please visit
Tracy Murphy