Unknown Credit Card Information Found...XBridge Systems Develops Solution and Joins SGI’s 35,000 Global Members to Secure Customer Data

Las Vegas, NV, April 06, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Success Group International (SGI) announced today that XBridge Systems has joined the Success Group Global Technology Coalition. SGI Global Networks which now includes SGI Global IT Network (SGIN), Global Partner Network (GPN), Global Business Network (GBN) and now SOC Global Network (SOCGN) with 35,000 global members.

Marv McGrew, CEO of Success Group International stated, “Just in the last month a data breach potentially exposing information on several million credit cards to identity theft raised the awareness of the cost of the disclosure of this kind of information. Many don’t even know where all their credit card data is located? The Xbridge DataSniff product can discover the locations of all this data. Barry Schrager, creator of ACF2 and Member of Mainframe Executive Magazine's Mainframe Hall of Fame was recently appointed new President of XBridge Systems to take the company to the next level. SGI’s global members can now provide their global customers the ability to dramatically reduce their risk.”

Securing corporate data has become a driving force within large organizations as companies take strides to avoid data breach incidents and the corresponding ramifications of losing sensitive information. The need to protect this data has spawned a new software space called DLP “Data Loss Prevention” to lock down and protect the data. The first component of a DLP deployment is Data Discovery to account for all locations of sensitive data.

With over 70% of business critical, transactional, and customer data being stored in the mainframe, it is an obvious high-value target for organized crime and insider attack. The sheer volume of data that is processed and stored, as well as unique storage methodologies used for over 40 years, present daunting challenges to any corporation looking to locate and protect all sensitive data stored in mainframe environments. Mainframes are typically massive and complex environments where manual discovery is impossible and automated solutions have not existed.

Xbridge Systems’ DataSniff software is the world’s first and only automated mainframe data discovery solution. DataSniff is a patent-pending technology that will crawl through IBM z/OS mainframe systems to identify “rogue” data sets. The technology will uncover the specified data in primary or migrated storage and will locate the data in structured or unstructured formats.

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) was created by major credit card companies to address protection of all transmitted and stored cardholder data. Mainframes have largely been exempt from processes required for compliance to PCI DSS due to the challenges mentioned earlier. In an effort to allow mainframe data to pass a compliance audit even if data is not truly protected, “compensating controls” have been implemented on the mainframe as a temporary stop-gap measure. The enterprise and auditors alike have widely ignored mainframe data during the PCI compliance process because there has been no viable method or tool available by which to verify presence and/or protection of all cardholder data within mainframe environments.

Mainframe data sets to be analyzed are identified and mapped into meta-data templates through automated and semi-automated processes that utilize system catalogs, COBOL copy books, control blocks, and source blocks that are already used within the mainframe as definitions for meta-data locations owned by various applications. This is normally done during installation. Once defined, users may then create scans of data set groups to search for sensitive information that may reside within any part of the group being scanned. Scan results are then displayed in a simple, easy to view, browser-based user interface dashboard. Results are shown as multi-data set scans, and can be expanded to show individual data set scan results, as well as individual record results. All results can be assigned a disposition and tagged in preparation for exemption, remediation, or deletion. Data Types that DataSniff Supports are IMS, IBM DB2, VSAM, QSAM, IDMS, BDAM, BSAM, PDS, ORACLE, SQL, ODBC, and Migrated Data (Virtual and Real Tape) in both structured and unstructured formats.

Barry Schrager, President of XBridge Systems stated: “I am looking forward to interacting with the other members of SGI because we have a great product, which meets a very critical need and the failure of meeting it is tremendous, but we have to educate the industry about the issues facing them. I am excited about SGI” about joining the SGI Global Technology Coalition.

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