Frost Publishing Announces New Book "The Genesis Theory of Moses" by Vadim Moroz

Petersburg, VA, May 30, 2007 --( Researcher Vadim Moroz announced that he decoded original text of Genesis, chapter I, “a creation story”. The finished work is published under the title “The Genesis Theory of Moses” by the Frost Publishing, Virginia and will be introduced to the public on June 15th, 2007 in Black Swan Books, 2601 W. Main Street, Richmond, Virginia.

Moroz began to research, analyze and decode the text of the book of Genesis in the 1980s after the scientific community widely recognized the “big bang theory”. He used Moses’ description of light as the key to decoding other verses of Genesis-1.

The big bang, the appearance of light, the development of chemical elements, and the universe, all these complicated astrophysical events, are described by Moses in simple verse “And God said, 'Let be light'; and there was light. And God saw that the light was good”.

“... The verb רמאי (“said”) and יהי (“let be”) in the original Hebrew version are in the past and future tense at the same time. Hebrew grammar allows such time games that are not possible in European languages. The past and future form indicate that the action described in this sentence “has happened” and “will happen”, signifying the eternal character of the action. The light also is not “was” but “was and will be”.

Future-present also means Time=Zero=Eternity. This formula is illustrated in the Theory of Relativity...” (Moroz, “Genesis Theory of Moses”)

Moroz decoded all thirty-one mysterious verses of the “Creation Story” story revealing the complete “Genesis Theory of Moses”. In his opinion it is much more advanced than modern science. Moses described the major physical principles of the universe and the basic interactions between dark and light matter; he also explained the physical concept of sudden revolutionary changes of life forms on earth.

According to Moroz, Genesis-1 is not just a simple theological statement, but points to a direction and inspiration for research in order to make break through discoveries.

Moroz’ book “Genesis Theory of Moses” is written for both religious and non-religious readers. It consists of two parts. The first part is a description of the “Genesis Theory of Moses”: basic principals of matter, the universe and development of life. The second part shows step by step process of decoding of ancient text.

An important part of the book is dedicated to the question of the human abilities described in Genesis as “Image of God” which distinguish humans from animals.

Book information:

The Genesis Theory of Moses
A New Decoding and Interpretation of Ancient Text
by Vadim Moroz,

Illustrated by medieval art, Durer’s engravings and author’s drawings.
Published by the Frost Publishing, Virginia.
Soft cover, 5” x 7.5”; 116 pages.
ISBN 978 0 9714982 6 6
Store price: $22.50
Frost Publishing
PO Box 1877
Petersburg, VA 23805

About the author:

Vadim Moroz was born in Russia in 1957. He lost Russian citizenship during the Soviet era and then lived and taught in Germany for more than twenty years. In 1996 he received a green card as “alien with extraordinary abilities” and in 2005, United States citizenship. “Genesis Theory of Moses” is his fourth book published in the US.

Vadim Moroz can be contacted at the publisher’s address

Frost Publishing is a small company founded by Vadim Moroz in 1999 in New York. It is specialized on non-fiction literature. The company moved to Richmond area, Virginia in 2004. “Airship Mail Catalog 2005”, published in Virginia received a silver medal at the National Philatelic Literature Exhibition in Grand Rapids, Michigan. “Genesis Theory of Moses” is the fourth book issued by Frost Publishing in Virginia.

Frost Publishing
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