A Life Lived Ridiculously Tackles OCD & Sociopath Topics with Sinister Humor & Raw Vulnerability

Author & Neuroscientist Dr. Annabelle R. Charbit will release her debut novel, A Life Lived Ridiculously on April 12, 2012 (Firefly Publishing & Entertainment; ISBN: 978-0-9846428-6-1).

New York, NY, April 06, 2012 --(PR.com)-- A Life Lived Ridiculously will be available for sale, online through Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, and all other usual channels (Trade paperback USD $14.95; e-book USD $4.49). The book will also be sold in stores at Barnes & Noble.

A Life Lived Ridiculously is the story of one girl with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), and what happened when her parents, desperate to find her a husband, inadvertently set her up with a sociopath. Dr. Charbit’s book appeals to smart, sophisticated audiences who enjoy contemporary fiction infused with a humorous yet sinister twist.

Maxine’s brain is stuck. Everything around her feels wrong and the only way to fix it is to check, double-check, rearrange and count everything. What Maxine can’t fix though is her parents’ constant nagging over the absence of a husband. A humiliation that is further compounded when her younger brother runs off with Miss Perfect. Then she meets Sam, a smooth-talking charmer with the weight of the world on his shoulders, and enough terminal diseases to wipe out a small village. Maxine decides that Sam is her salvation, never mind that his life is more depressing than a Greek tragedy, and others are urging her to get away from him. The problem is that Sam has Maxine under his spell. Will Maxine escape from Sam before it’s too late?

A Life Lived Ridiculously tugs at the heartstrings and funny bones of readers. Maxine exemplifies a strong, courageous role model for those who have personally struggled with OCD, mental health issues, or have been involved in dangerous relationships.

About Dr. Annabelle Charbit
Dr. Charbit grew up in London, UK, and has been writing since 2006, where her comedy play, Sound Advice, was performed by CP Theatre Productions in London, UK. Dr. Charbit holds a PhD in Neuroscience from University College London. A Life Lived Ridiculously is Dr. Charbit’s first novel.

"From the very beginning of this novel readers will smile; they will then reach 'all out laughter' by the second page. The amazing thing about this story, however, is that laughter turns frightening when the author offers up a twist that readers will not see coming." – Feathered Quill

“There is a great balance between humor and true frustration. Maxine’s inner OCD turmoil is expertly braided into the storytelling, acting as a propeller.” – Blakely Chorpenning, IndiscriminateWrites.blogspot.com

"We have all dated liars who will say anything in order to get what they want. Charbit captures everything that makes the dating scene simultaneously so exciting and so frustrating, from the exhilaration of a first kiss to the despair when you realize that he is ignoring your messages." – Baltimore Jewish Times
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