Announces Baseball Betting Lineup

Ushered by a full-season pick pack from grizzled veteran Joe Duffy, has announced its lineup for the 2012 MLB betting season.

Alpharetta, GA, April 06, 2012 --( Grandmaster Sports Handicapper Joe Duffy, CEO of, has announced their sports betting tipster cast for the 2012.

GodsTips: Led by Duffy, the anchor service of traces their roots to the scorephone days of the 1980s, when Duffy’s picks were on the “Cadillac Club” 900-number.

Duffy’s main area of expertise is winning with small favorites and underdogs. A full-season package for Duffy’s baseball picks is posted.

Stevie Vincent: Vincent won’t release many baseball picks until 15 or so games into the season as his forte is tracking pitching form. Mike Godsey, General Manager of says that Vincent is, “the top expert on handicapping pitchers in the sports gambling world,” and headsprings the index of reasons why “The Great One” was enlisted years ago to be a mainstay of the sports wagering portal.

Canadien Crew: Hotshot young handicappers from north of the border have fused their acumen from high-stakes fantasy sports with baseball betting. “It’s in baseball that the illuminati overlaps most into significant yield,” says Chris Cooney of the Crew.

MasterLockLine: Other highly rated plays from handicappers that the MasterLockLine’s database has highly statured. “We have more than 600 sports services that we track, but less than a dozen win,” says Cy McCormick, President of the MasterLockLine. “We gravy train only the best of the best,” he concludes.

Key Play of the Day: Utilizing an exclusive formula to employ the parameters, algorithms, and Pythagorean calculations synthesizing human and artificial intelligence to come up with the one top play every day.

Computer angles, super systems, sharp service plays, auto-fade contrarian insight, sportsbook betting patterns analyzed, simulators, private and public betting databases and more result in the Key Play of the Day using the scientific method to isolate their daily best bet.

Matt Rivers and Vic Duke round out the portfolio of baseball handicapping roster.
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