Responds to Historic Times with Unprecedented Offer to Mark Sports Return

In response to the unprecedented times in the sports betting industry, is doubling every subscription of a week or longer. Led by legendary sports handicapper Joe Duffy, this website traces its roots to the score phone days of the 1980s. - July 08, 2020 Announces Famed Bettor's Tailgate Party Will be Broadcast Live This Football Season

For more than a quarter century, going back to the score phones, NFL and college football bettors have turned to the Tailgate Party for the best in free NFL handicapping intel. This season it will be broadcast live to several platforms. - August 07, 2018

Daily Free Picks Podcast Announced by Baseball Handicapping Site announces daily free pick podcast and video simulcast. The sports betting powerhouse, winning since the 1980s, brings daily picks to another medium. - May 13, 2017

New Influx of Computer Systems by Leads to Unprecedented MLB Betting Picks Expectations handicapper and CEO Joe Duffy has substantial tangible reason to assert 2016 will be the best baseball betting season ever for sharp players: a massive influx of statistically significant systems. - April 01, 2016 CEO Addresses Daily Fantasy Sports and Sports Betting Debate

Is daily fantasy sports (DFS) a form of sports betting? Is sports betting luck or skill? These are two questions the federal and state governments as well as professional sports leagues are debating. Grandmaster Sports Handicapper Joe Duffy of weighs in with his new YouTube video. - February 19, 2016

College Football Handicapping Website Posts Several Sports Betting Podcasts for Football Season

College football sports service picks begin this week and a long-time sports handicapping website has bettors covered—literally—with wagering previews galore. - September 02, 2015

AJA Enterprises Announces Debuts Specializing in Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs, and Special Occasion Video Montages

Keepsake video montages have a new home at Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries plus and and all special occasions become permanent video memories. - June 16, 2015

2015 NCAA Tournament Sports Handicapping Podcasts from Have Begun

Exploding in popularity, Sports Betting Podcast has announced expanded coverage for the NCAA Tournament. The first round tournament trends report is on the air. - March 17, 2015

Sports Betting Podcasts Now Gives Free Sports Picks Daily has announced their popular Sports Betting Podcasts, an internet staple since April of 2010 and tracing its roots to the score phone audiotex days of the 1980s, is now broadcast seven days a week. - February 11, 2015

26-Year NFL Handicapping Veteran Releases Early Bird Football Picks Special at announces Early Bird Specials for both Joe Duffy’s Picks and Stevie Vincent for this football season. Yes these are the same sports handicapping services that clients have won with since long before the Internet. - July 23, 2014 Anchor Announces Early Bird Football Package and Explains Unprecedented Optimism

Grandmaster Sports Handicapper Joe Duffy’s GodsTips, the anchor of has released the 2013 Early Bird Special for college and pro football. Most importantly, Duffy has specific and considerable reasons to assert his best football season ever lies ahead. - July 12, 2013

Haralabos Voulgaris NBA Theories, Betting Secrets, Among Sports Handicapping Videos Added

Sports betting and handicapping website has bolstered their multi-media network with several new betting tips videos on their YouTube betting channel. Among the latest additions: Sports Betting Advice: Using Oddsmakers Secrets Against Them Duffy says that the oddsmakers are... - March 09, 2013 Preseason Primer: QB Rotations, NFL Injury Updates, Line Moves News and Notes Returns for NFLX Odds

For the 21st consecutive year, going back to the scorephone days, the popular NFL Preseason Primer returns. New for 2012 is more real-time updates using Twitter and Facebook. It’s all on - August 01, 2012 Anchor NFL Handicapper Releases Full Season College and Pro Football Pick Pack anchor handicapper and sports service GodsTips has an Early Bird special for the NFL and college football seasons. Lead handicapper Joe Duffy, who recently became an Amazon No. 1 best-selling sports betting author is the lead handicapper. - July 18, 2012 CEO Joe Duffy Publishes Sports Betting eBook, "Sports Betting Secrets, Handicapping Myths, Wagering Tips"

In what the author Joe Duffy confidently says, “is the most important book written on sports handicapping theory,” a brand new sports betting eBook has been published, “Sports Betting Secrets, Handicapping Myths, Wagering Tips,” available on Amazon or directly through the author’s website home page - June 14, 2012 CEO Joe Duffy Releases One of the Most Important Betting Videos to Date has posted what they say is one of the most important instructional videos ever for sports bettors. From beginner up to anyone who wants to be a professional gambler, this video aims to be the “Snopes” for the sports investor. It’s on their YouTube channel ( - April 25, 2012 Announces Baseball Betting Lineup

Ushered by a full-season pick pack from grizzled veteran Joe Duffy, has announced its lineup for the 2012 MLB betting season. - April 06, 2012 Debuts Sports Handicapping's Key Play of the Day Daily Sports Pick as Best Bet CEO Joe Duffy has announced the addition of the, “Key Play of the Day,” the one daily pick that uses several key performance indicators to isolate what they say is, “The daily single strongest best bet.” They explain why. - February 18, 2012 Sports Betting Picks Site Unveils the Key Play of the Day is electrified to announce the newest addition to the sports betting picks arsenal: the Key Play of the Day. A long time feature on the MasterLockLine, going back to the pre-Internet scorephone days, “They have the highest winning percentage of any sports service that we have independently monitored,” says Cy McCormick, founder of the MasterLockLine. - September 07, 2011

NFL Preseason Picks Against the Spread: Network Announces New Home for QB Rotations and Primer at

The NFL lockout is now just a bad memory and the 2011 NFL preseason picks against the spread are imminent. The fledgling news section of is the new exclusive home of preseason primer QB rotations and more. - August 05, 2011

NFL Lockout Over; Has Early Bird Football Handicapping Special anchor handicapper and sports service GodsTips has an Early Bird special. Duffy explains why the lockout will give pro bettors an opportunity unlike any that has come before. - July 27, 2011 NCAA Tournament 2011 Vegas Odds and Picks, Selection Sunday Through Final 4: Bracket Picks and Points Spread Predictions

The staff of will be working around the clock, bringing the cyber version of the old scorephone “Tailgate Party” with March Madness information of interest to the sports bettor. - March 15, 2011

March Madness 2011 Sports Picks Website Announces Upgrades in Information

2011 promises to be among the best March Madness yet for sports players. Conversely, it may be the worst ever for linesmakers and sportsbooks thanks to continuing the famed scorephone “Tailgate Party” cyber style. - March 04, 2011

Top Sports Advisor Matt Rivers Joins as Executive Sports Handicapper

The most successful of sports advisors on a network of handicapping sites has come to “The Show” at Rivers is widely accepted as the best college football handicapper in the world. - February 25, 2011 Becomes Streamlined Source for Sports Handicappers

Just in time for March Madness betting, the Offshore Insiders Network has added the most streamlined site for free sports handicapping information, - February 17, 2009

Football Betting: Tailgate Party Ready to Make Its 2008 Debut

Thursday, August 28 is the 2008 premier of the “Tailgate Party” a must-catch staple in the sports betting industry since 1990. Originally a scorephone feature, this staple is now on the premier sports betting website. - August 27, 2008

Football Bettors Get the Tailgate Party at is exclusive home to the football betting Tailgate Party, where sports bettors get all the free and invaluable information needed to win betting on sports. Trends, odds, injuries, free picks, and so much more for football gamblers. - August 07, 2008

Founder of Forensic Sports Handicapping Continues to Amaze

For years a behind-the-scenes Executive Editor of the uber popular scorephone “Tailgate Party,” Stevie Vincent is the innovator of forensic sports handicapping and his revolutionary sports handicapping techniques are now public. His winning picks using this science are now featured exclusively on the popular website - May 24, 2008

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