AscendoSoft AccurSee for UC4 – General Availability

Redmond, WA, April 07, 2012 --( AscendoSoft Inc., a leading provider of software and services in the application automation and data quality/privacy markets, today announced AccurSee for UC4 is now generally available. AccurSee for UC4 enables UC4 Applications Manager customers to shorten batch testing and improve the quality of production applications by providing a comparison between automation environments.

As part of the AccurSee Product Family, AccurSee for UC4 provides a comparison of UC4 Applications Manager (formerly AppWorx) environments and highlights potential issues that may arise because of batch processing inconsistencies. The AccurSee reports provide UC4 Operations and Administrations teams with details to improve accuracy in batch processing, reduce testing errors, and proactively identify issues that could negatively impact production. AccurSee ensures that there is consistency between automation environments and improves the quality of production automation. As part of their best practices for UC4, businesses are deploying AccurSee as part of their application automation promotion process.

“The feedback from our early customers has been extremely positive. One of our customers commented about how it helped prevent a process flow going into production with incorrect conditions. Many studies have shown that the cost of finding and solving problems is much higher in production than in development and test environments,” states AscendoSoft CTO, Alex Givens. “AccurSee helps find batch issues earlier in the Application Lifecycle and ensures better and more accurate testing of UC4 objects prior to promotion to the next stage of the lifecycle.”

About AscendoSoft Inc. - AscendoSoft specializes in providing software solutions and professional services to customers within various vertical markets, such as financials, utilities, healthcare, retail, etc. AscendoSoft offers a Data Masking solution to help businesses protect personally identifiable information in non-production environments. AscendoSoft also provides a solution for address cleansing, workflow improvements, and address intelligence which integrates with vertical business applications. The AccurSee product family shortens IT/Operations automation development and testing. The Professional Services team provides consulting for a wide variety of business automation issues, with a focus on UC4/AppWorx. Sample customers include Meritrust Credit Union, BECU, First Tech Federal Credit Union, First Place Bank, AllSouth Federal Credit Union, NV Energy, and OmniAmerican Bank.

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