Online Event Explores IT Architecture Threats and Countermeasures from the Cloud

April 19th webinar focuses on the development of situational awareness from a cloud-managed security platform to combat the growing number and intensities of hacker attacks and other intrusions.

Los Angeles, CA, April 08, 2012 --( Hundreds of thousands of times every day, a single IT environment is probed, prodded and in some cases attacked. Yet current research suggests only about 40% of new Malware even gets detected. CloudAccess, a leader in cloud-based security, is hosting an online event to discuss the latest threats and potential countermeasures for IT architectures.

The 45-minute presentation titled “What are the Greatest Threats to Your Network?” scheduled for April 19 at 11:00 am PDT will dissect various intrusion issues, malware proliferation, internal fraud and how each can be monitored and prevented from a virtual (cloud-based) platform.

“It’s not a question of if a network will be attacked, but when and how will you respond,” said CloudAccess CEO Kevin Nikkhoo. “And, it’s not that IT professionals are in the dark regarding these issues, but often times we need fresh, cost-sensitive and viable means to approach these challenges in an effective way.”

According to Nikkhoo, security-as-a-service fits the bill. The online event will concentrate on SIEM (Security Information and Event Management), log management and identify management managed from the cloud as solution alternatives to combat the increasing number and intensities of virtual attacks.

“I want to stress the importance of situational awareness or the ability to not look at any one security measure, but the correlation of data and alerts and neutralization methods across many silos and endpoints. I think the cloud accomplishes this far better than any other alternative,” Nikkhoo said.

The online event is geared for IT managers, security officers and information and technology executives. Reservations for the event can be made on the CloudAccess website:

All registrants will also get a copy of the Executive Briefing “Just How Secure is Security Managed from the Cloud Security” by IT expert Laura Paoletti.

For more information about the webinar or security-as-a-service managed from the cloud, please contact CloudAccess at 877-550-2568 or visit the website or follow their blog at
Scott Davis