Datdaio Enterprises Launches the Because You Serve Campaign

The Productions Division o fDatdaio Enterprises releases a worldwide tribute to the people that have served in the U. S. Military. The musical piece, dubbed, the most beautiful song ever written, by Sgt. Cynthia Royce, is entitled the same as the campaign, Because You Serve.

Detroit, MI, April 09, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Productions Division
"Oh my...wow...I just don’t know what to say. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so honored." — SPC E4 Marlon Cook, Jr.

The CEO / Owner of Datdaio Enterprises, known as Ms. Lady, wrote, performed, recorded, directed, and produced a grand DVD tribute which honors and recognizes the people of the military for their provision of an unprecedented freedom that no other people can claim. Ms. Lady makes clear what her company is trying to accomplish. "It is the goal of the campaign to distribute to everyone that has served, their own personal DVD. That’s over 23 million people."

This release is so special because it invites the entire American public, all over the world, to participate, in what is called America’s Worldwide Parade. "Although this is the Because You Serve Campaign, I also began calling it a parade, because frankly, I got sick of hearing discussions on whether or not we should throw a parade for our returning soldiers," proclaimed Ms. Lady, the author of the song. "The more the media debated the subject, the angrier I became. I mean, there are many ways we can honor those that we hold in such high esteem, she lamented. Why must we make it seem like such a chore... you know? Just find a way to say thanks, openly, honestly, and sincerely."

Datdaio Enterprises, pronounced, Dät - dī’ - yō, is a productions and promotions company in Detroit, Michigan, and exceedingly honored to present this project to 300 million grateful Americans. According to the story, Ms. Lady, not wanting veterans to have to pay for this gift, first, sought sponsors to provide copies to those that have served, in the way of successful conglomerates. Recognizing the magnitude and integrity of this campaign, the little-known, fighting company considered it an honor to launch this movement.

The video recognizes the exceptional people of the military, without focusing on the many jobs they perform. According to the company’s website, www.DatdaioEnterprises.com/Productions.html, "this campaign has absolutely nothing to do with war... we simply want to celebrate the people that stand in our stead." It goes on to give an example of this fact: "...and, how proud was the entire country to see Commander LTG Russel Honore barking out orders in New Orleans, saving petrified Americans, and daring Hurricane Katrina to utter another word."

All are invited to view the momentous DVD at www.DatdaioEnterprises.com/BYS-Campaign.html. Americans, all over the world, are asked to join this historic parade by purchasing DVDs for those that serve. $5.00 buys a DVD and even pays the cost of shipping to our heroes. When asked how $5.00 would cover all that’s offered, Ms. Lady’s eyes twinkled, she poked out her bottom lip, then smiled, "Datdaio Enterprises won’t make any profit from this endeavor. It is truly, sincerely, our pleasure and cherished honor to provide the vehicle for this worldwide parade."

Datdaio Enterprises, a productions and publishing company, is located in Detroit, Michigan.

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