MY-Semi Release New LED Driver IC MY9268 for Creating a High Visual Refresh Rate Multiplexing LED Video Display

Zhubei City, Taiwan, April 11, 2012 --( From concert to show event, MY-Semi are always being amazed by the cutting-edge technology of LED display. With up to date photographic equipment and camera, traditional 240Hz refresh rate multiplexing LED panels cannot reach high end market anymore. Now, high refresh rate multiplexing is taking over the position. Dedicated to solve possible system difficulties, MY-Semi launches their innovative multiplexing LED driver solution to the market- MY9268.

Appearance of scan lines annoy video makers, thus scan frequency must be faster than shutter time in order to avoid such issues. As a result, display refresh rates higher than 1,000Hz are required for high quality video shooting. Furthermore, loss of gray scale may also happen, root problems also come due to slow refresh rate. To ensure perfect screen performance, at least 4,000Hz refresh rate needs to be reached. In sporting events, a high speed camera enables delivery of live scenery to audiences; 8,000Hz refresh rate is thus required. To sum up, high refresh rate is the key to next generation of high quality panel.

MY9268 is a 16-channel, 16-bit gray scale pulse width modulation driver with 8-bit Global Current Control. Reinforced by a multiplexing-pulse-density-modulation technique that is patent pending, MY9268 is designed particularly for high refresh rate scan panel use. By interlacing scan images averagely, high refresh rate can be easily reached. In dynamic scan system, 16,000Hz and 8,000Hz refresh rate is achieved in 4 rows and 8 rows of scanning accordingly.

Comparing with traditional pulse width modulation drivers, MY9268 raise LED driver cascading capability with its built-in memory. Thereby reducing cost of receiving card greatly. Thanks to MY-Semi’s latest innovation, Double-edge triggered gray scale clock, MY9268 successfully reduce electromagnetic interference problems. One step forward to consider the ghost issue in multiplexing LED system, MY9268 offers double insurances avoiding such problems. Firstly, trigger MY9268 Automatic Black Frame Insertion and within adjustable period, pull output pin to high voltage, therefore ghost image will be abated.

MY9268 SOP24-236mil-1.00mm (MY9268SA), SSOP24-150mil-0.635mm (MY9268SS), TSSOP24-173mil-0.65mm Exposed Pad (MY9268TE) and QFN24-4mmx4mm (MY9268QF) samples are available now. For further technical and pricing information, customers can reach us by our website or or email to MY-Semi protects the environment for today and for future.
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Steven Hsieh