Family Who Survived the Kobe Earthquake Turns Music Dreams to Reality in the U.S. for Their Young Son

Bridgeway Academy Student Kitsho Hosotani Gains Notoriety as a Talented Solo Violinist – At Only Age 11

Chicago, IL, April 15, 2012 --( Appearances with The Fox Symphony Orchestra, the Northeastern Illinois University String Orchestra – and now with the Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra on April 24th – all sound like wonderful resume builders for an up-and-coming violinist. But the fact that Kitsho Hosotani is only age 11 does not cause him to miss a beat...only to practice even harder.

A review from his solo debut with the Fox Valley Symphony Orchestra touted Master Hosotani as “charming those in attendance with a masterful skill of the instrument.” The review went on to laude his gifted command of the violin, particularly his articulate precision in bowing and his pristine clarity throughout the piece. Kitsho’s upcoming performance with the Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra will give him another opportunity to delight audiences with his extreme musical talent.

Yet Master Kitsho would be the first to tell you that talent is not merely something one is born with – but is worked toward and fought for every single passing day, even through times of adversity.

The violent earthquake in Kobe, Japan on January, 17, 1995 left 6,425 dead, injured 25,000, displaced 300,000 people, and damaged or destroyed 100,000 buildings. Seiichi Hosotani, father of Kitsho, vividly recalls how long and how hard the 7.3 magnitude quake struck, and also the fear of realizing they might not survive its intensity. When they emerged with their lives – but their home in ruin - Seiichi relocated his family to the United States and pursued his graduate study at MIT, feeling there was simply nothing left to lose. With the passage of time, the family came to feel that opportunities abounded for their children in the U.S., and so they remained. Kitsho, the youngest, was born in Evanston, IL in Mar. 2000 after the Hosotani family made their decision to stay.

As to Kitsho’s resounding success with the violin, Seiichi has his own theory – and it applies to children talented in either music or sports. “It is generally said that 10,000 hours over the course of ten years in childhood will create a special talent. The 10,000 hours means, for example, 3 hours a day for 365 days a year for 10 years. Violin is not an exception for this theory.” Homeschooling through Bridgeway Academy became the obvious choice for Kitsho’s musical success and academic achievements, to thoroughly balance quality academics with his son’s growing passion.

And Kitsho’s dreams are no small matter. He will tell you, quite positively, “I want to be one of the greatest soloists in history!”

The Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra strives to cultivate talented young musicians from all socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds represented in metropolitan Chicago, an area quite rich in diversity and culture. Kitsho Hosotani will be performing at their concert series on April 24th, where he will be playing Bruch Violin Concerto in G minor. Kitsho resides in Wilmette, IL.

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