The Addictions Coach Expands Services to Include Fitness, Yoga and Nutrition

Nutrition and fitness are integral parts of the recovery from addiction process and many rehabs do not even offer those services. The Addiction Coach includes them in their packages.

Los Angeles, CA, April 16, 2012 --( The Addictions Coach, which specializes in drug, alcohol and food addictions, has expanded the team’s services to include fitness, Yoga, Pilates and nutrition to assist addicts in fully understanding their addiction and begin decreasing negative behaviors. Celebrities have long hired sober coaches, therapists, personal trainers, Yoga teachers and nutritionists to work as a team in assisting them to deal with their addiction. The Addiction Coach has combined all those services under one package and can offer the addict a full gamut of services to assist them in reaching their true potential.

By implementing Yoga, fitness and nutrition, Cali Estes, owner of The Addictions Coach, can target all the facets of addiction. Yoga can calm the nervous system, assist in alleviating Post-Acute Withdraw symptoms, teach the addict patience, meditation and deep breathing and provide a an outlet for positive social and leisure activities. The Addictions Coach targets individuals that not only want to tackle their addiction but also learn a new healthy way of living and they have developed an extensive program that teaches individuals how to access the feel good chemicals in their brain by using Yoga, nutrition and fitness.

“Fitness and nutrition are an integral part of combating addiction,” Estes said. “If an addict learns how to appreciate his or her body and how drugs and poor food choices affect mood, that in turn will affect cortisol levels that cause stress. Stress is a major factor in addiction. We can treat the entire process by adding fitness, Yoga and nutrition in the therapy regimen.”

At the Addictions Coach, Cali Estes has been utilizing Yoga Therapy since 1999 to assist people of all ages, sizes and addiction levels to reach their potential and understand addition through this medium. Her multidimensional approach focuses on the underlying cause of the addiction and she approaches each client in a unique manner. Unlike traditional rehabilitation centers that convince the addict that they have a disease that is incurable and they must attend meetings, recite prayers and follow steps, Cali tailors her program to fit the client. By realizing that each client is unique and their pattern of addiction is unique with a root cause, Cali is able to address the addiction at the core and assist the addict in making the necessary changes and positive steps in their life.

“I have worked with CEO’s, actors, actresses and even the stay at home mom that uses the occasional Xanax to ‘take the edge off’ and I have implemented a wonderful Yoga and fitness program to accompany the traditional talk therapy that most psychotherapists and counselors rely on,” Estes said.

Actors and music industry icons are currently using sober coaches to get clean. They also employ Yoga teachers, Fitness Instructions and Food Therapists to complete the process. At the Addictions Coach, Cali Estes combines services to offer a full approach that is well rounded and grounded for the individual.

Cali is more than a “sober coach.” She has a background in clinical and personality psychology, addictions and forensics. She can get to the root of the addiction quickly and work with the client in building a safe environment in which to make the changes necessary to live a productive lifestyle. Clients in addiction feel powerless, helpless and hopeless and need answers and ways to change their lives. Sometimes family and friends think that everyone should be able to have “just one drink” at a function, but for some clients that is not what happens. That one drink turns them into an unmanageable individual that their family and friends cannot deal with. Taking a pill to “get through the day” or “take the edge off” eventually leads to a full blown addiction with the addict personality. Cali can address all these issues with both the family and the client and assist them in making the changes necessary to be happy and healthy.

“I have been teaching Yoga and fitness since 1999 and I have taught internationally,” Estes said. “So many thirty day rehabs do not even offer a fitness or nutrition component and when the addict finishes their thirty days, they do not have the true tools to make it in the world. I bridge that gap.”

Cali has consulted in 2 countries and frequently flies between South Florida, New York and Los Angeles to work with her clients. She has clients in the music industry, acting/film, modeling, CEO’s and frequent high stress jobs clients. She is available on an individual basis for clients, more intensive or for speaking engagements. She has accompanied clients to high risk situations like weddings, worked “on set” of movie and film productions, worked directly with pro athletes, sat in on business meetings, been “on tour” with musicians and even will work directly in the home of the client for a more intensive “rehab” setting.

“I am available for individual sessions, long day sessions from 8-12 hours, weekly sessions on as a 30 day stay,” Cali said. “I handle drug, alcohol, food and assorted other addictions at the root cause and assist the client in realizing that a life free from addiction is possible.”

The Addictions Coach is based out of Miami Florida but services clients in all of South Florida, New York City and Los Angeles.
The Addictions Coach
Cali Estes