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Restroom Direct Introduces the Call-Hear Accessibility Product Line Into the US Market

Huntersville, NC, April 19, 2012 --( Restroom Direct has become the exclusive US Master Distributor of the Call-Hear accessibility product line. Call-Hear was developed by the Step-Hear company as a modern and easy way for customers to ask for access to commercial establishments. Call-Hear consists of a chiming unit that can be paired with up to 4 activation pads. When a customer wants access to a particular location, he or she pushes the button on the activation pad and the chiming unit will emit a unique sound and flashing light to inform the clerk that a person is waiting for attention.

"In this way the Call-Hear device is a lot like a traditional remote buzzer system," says Chris Berl, President of Restroom Direct, "but it has special features that are made with the handicapped client in mind." The activation pad is large and easy to spot, unlike a traditional doorbell. Of the three configurations, two of them can be used as panic buttons. One is a pull-cord and the other is red with "SOS" written on it.

"A really great feature," continues Berl, "is that the client can be given a telescoping activation device - a magnetic key - that activates the button. This way they can reach the button at a gas station from inside their car or at other places from a wheelchair." So a customer at a retail establishment can get the attention that they need when they need it.

"We are really excited to start marketing this product," says Berl. "It is such a a simple and easy to use solution. We think it is going to help handicapped accessibility in the US tremendously."

The Call-Hear has other functions as well. It can be used at a small hotel, for example. Patrons can be given the activation keys so that they can use the activation pads as door bells to inform the proprietor that they need to be let in.

Restroom Direct is a leading distributor of commercial restroom fixtures. They specialize in hand dryers and other bathroom accessories. Restroom Direct first became interested in the Call-Hear as a restroom panic button, but is committed to distributing the device for the larger handicapped accessibility market. Restroom Direct will drop-ship the product for distributors who want to add it to their product lines. In addition, end users can purchase Call Hear at the Restroom Direct website at
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