Leading Online Retailer Offers Promotional Sale on New Shipment of Butterfly Koi Fish

Leading online koi fish pond supply company announces promotional sale on new shipment of butterfly koi fish.

Bellmore, NY, April 18, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Leading East Coast pond supply company, Koi Market, announces a promotional sale on a new shipment of butterfly koi fish available for purchase through their online store.

"It isn't often this level of quality in butterfly koi fish is seen," says Shawn Rosen, owner of Koi Market, a company that provides koi for sale, "It is exciting to be able to offer these beautiful butterfly koi exclusively to our customers."

A recent partnership with leading koi breeder Blackwater Creek Koi Farms provides Koi Market customers exclusive access to high quality exotic varieties of butterfly koi fish and fancy goldfish.

Rosen says the introductory pricing is available to Koi Market customers for a limited time.

Koi Market is featuring the following varieties of butterfly koi this month:
1- Doitsu Kujaku Butterfly
2- Ginrin Showa Butterfly
3- Ginrin Kohaku Butterfly
4- Ginrin Platinum Butterfly
5- Ochiba Butterfly
6- Blue Shusui Butterfly
7- Kumonryu Butterfly
8- Doitsu Gin Matsuba Butterfly
9- Ginrin Chagoi Butterfly
10- Ginrin Hi Utsuri Butterfly
11- Doitsu Hariwaki Butterfly

"These butterfly koi are beautiful and range from 10-14 inches each," says Rosen. "Customers can purchase their fish conveniently online and have orders shipped directly to their doorstep."

The breeder follows special feeding and packaging procedures for each fish which is shipped live through expedited delivery. Koi Market guarantees the quality of each fish.

Koi Market continues to grow in popularity with koi pond hobbyists across the United States with customer perks such as free shipping for all online koi orders and a customer loyalty rewards program.

"Koi Market offers customers the highest quality of koi fish available at competitive koi fish prices," says Rosen, from whom you can buy koi fish. "We value our customers and reward them with perks such as free shipping and Koi Cash Rewards."

Koi Cash Rewards, Koi Market's exclusive rewards program, deposits reward credits into the customer's rewards account for items they buy online such as food, koi care products and maintenance supplies for koi ponds.

Rosen says the new shipment of butterfly koi fish will be on sale through the end of April.

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