New Jersey Minority Educational Development Announces National Search for US Educational National Team Local Members

New Jersey Minority Educational Development working to promote the America First or Last Movement's US Educational National Team.

Los Angeles, CA, April 19, 2012 --( The US Educational National Team (USENT) plans to organize 2 local grassroots community groups in all 50 states. These groups will serve as a network to promote the America First or Last Movement’s goal to establish the US’s educational system has number one globally.

These two state representative groups will function as local branches to serve their community, and in time become state regional communication centers for the national team. Each group will consist of a 12 member board of directors. That includes business leaders, colleges, social service agencies and parents that have children attending their local school district schools. These committees will also be responsible for communicating with the USENT to provide services and programming for their area schools in achieving the movement’s 3 objectives:

1. Increasing the High School and College Graduation Rates.
2. Improving proficiency levels in reading, math and science for student’s K through 12.
3. Developing advance technology programs in public education

Albert Mitchell II, New Jersey Minority Educational Developments Executive Director, says, "Across the country, in communities, parents can have a say in how their school district is run. By becoming a volunteer school board member or join their local PTA. However, this represents only a few of the parents. Our goal is to get every parent involved in their child’s education as well as their neighbors’ children’s well-being. Through a collective community goal to improve their schools, with a tangible outcome, like a community of interest’s action-plan that can be viewed annually."

“America is at a point, that we have to look to our neighbors and want what’s best for them, as well. Because, it helps move our individual lives forward as well as the nations. Who would have thought of the mortgage crisis we’ve faced? Where communities have been devastated by foreclosures, Communities need good strong schools, and a healthy tax base to make that happen.”

Starting next month, the US Educational National Team plans to outreach to those communities that have been hit the heavies with foreclosures to help those schools and families recover. By contacting national organizations that provide services to families, to help USENT set-up their 100 state representative branches by the end of the year.

If you would like to nominate your community to serve as a state local organizing committee site, contact America First or Last Movement at their website or call (856)541-3926, for more information.
New Jersey Minority Educational Development
Albert Mitchell II