NJ MED’s 2021 3rd Quarter Education Rankings Are Out

Back to School in Schools around the world is not the same. - October 02, 2021

NJ MED World Top 20 Project Announces New Educational Data Collection Platform

Nearly 150 countries around the world are missing key data that is retarding the educational development of their children. - May 05, 2021

NJ MED’s World Top 20 Project Launches Its Campaign to Find the Next Generation of World Leaders

The World Top 20 Project is seeking leaders for their volunteer educational networks in 148 countries to help end global illiteracy. - March 03, 2021

NJ MED's Releases Its World Top 20 Project’s Education Rankings to Promote the UN’s SDG 4

Many nations stumble in 2020 to advance education towards their 2030 Educational Goals. - February 03, 2021

NJ MED Releases Its 2020 Final Education Rankings for 2020

Distance learning impacted the way children were taught in 2020. How successful was it? Did school districts or schools have a lesson plan for each course? Were teachers trained in using this platform? Were students ready or disciplined enough to keep up? Did families have adequate resources for their child, like internet bandwidth? In some countries and areas, internet access was unavailable. - January 01, 2021

NJ MED Launches Its Six-Annual National High School Graduation Pledge Campaign

The Pledge Campaign’s mission is to create a higher skilled workforce in the United States. - November 29, 2020

NJ MED's 3rd Quarter Education Rankings - COVID-19 Battles Education 2020

Over a Billion Children are out of school around the world. When will they return? - October 02, 2020

Global University Rankings 2020

For the second year in a row, NJ MED. has ranked MIT as the top global university. - May 13, 2020

Finland Tries to Repeat as World’s Best

NJ MED announces its 8th annual World Top 20 Education Poll Rankings this week. - April 02, 2020

Finland Ends the Decade as Number One

NJ MED announces its Annual Top 20 Education Systems in the World this week, with Finland taking the top honor as the decade closes. - January 08, 2020

Can Finland Finally Earn the Top Spot in International Education? NJ MED's 7th Annual Education Poll Rankings.

The World Top 20 Project just released its 2019 first quarter rankings of the world’s best-educated countries. - April 05, 2019

School Safety will be the Focus of NJ MED's 6th Annual World Top 20 Education Poll in 2018

NJ MED starts its 6th Annual Ranking of the World’s Best Education Systems this week. The big question is will South Korea finish number one for the fifth year in a row. - April 01, 2018

South Korea Dominates the World in Education Again in 2017

South Korea’s education system ranks number one in the fifth annual NJ MED’s World Top 20 Education Poll. - January 01, 2018

NJ MED’s Fourth Annual National High School Graduation Campaign – Class of 2021

Sign-ups for the High School Class of 2021, started November 25, 2017 and ends January 20, 2018. - November 26, 2017

NJ MED Releases Its 2017 Global Education Report

This year’s Global Education Report result shows a new demand for education around the world. - July 07, 2017

The World Top 20 Education Poll’s Third Quarter Report: Korea Closes Gap on Japan

The World Top 20 Education Poll that monitors and ranks over 200 nation's education systems, 3rd Quarter Rankings shows Japan holds onto the top spot, by one point. - October 18, 2014

Students, Teachers and Parents Will Help Select World’s Top 20 Education Poll

The World Top 20 Education Poll welcome students, teachers and parents help to rank the world’s best education system. The Poll published by NJ MED, will release its 2nd Annual Poll’s first quarter rankings on March 31, 2014. - February 03, 2014

The UK Outperform Finland’s Education System in the World Top 20 Education Poll

The United Kingdom ranks as Europe’s top education system and 3rd in the World Top 20 Education Poll 2013. - June 30, 2013

World Top 20 Education Poll Unveiled Today

Education in the highest order will be on display each year, in the new World Top 20 Education Poll. Whose mission will be to encourage countries to improve their commitment to educate their citizens. - March 03, 2013

National High School Graduation Pledge Campaign Launched This Week by the America First or Last Movement

New Jersey Minority Educational Development announces National Movement promises to take America on a New Path, through a High School Graduation Pledge Campaign for over the next 4 months, in an effort to raise graduation rates by 3%. - September 26, 2012

New Jersey Minority Educational Development Announces National Search for US Educational National Team Local Members

New Jersey Minority Educational Development working to promote the America First or Last Movement's US Educational National Team. - April 19, 2012

America First or Last Movement's 12 Million Drive for 2025 Minority High School Graduation Campaign

13 Million High School students are expected to drop-out of school this decade. The New Jersey Minority Educational Development's America First or Last Movement has unveiled their second initiative; the 12 Million Drive for 2025, to meet the challenge to keep them in school and have them graduate on time. - April 12, 2012

America First or Last Announces the US Educational National Team Will Lead Their Movement

The America First or Last Movement will form a US Educational National Team (USENT) to make the US number 1 in global education. The team will consist of 7 national organizations that will serve 3-year terms to promote the movement’s mission. - March 29, 2012

Minority Education Workshop Speakers Announced for Save Our Schools Conference in DC

This workshop is designed to find solutions, why there are two public education systems in America. One for people of color and one for those without; this is a time like no other time in history, where America must face the fact we have serious competition for goods and services, and we need a better-educated minority workforce. - July 22, 2011

New Jersey Minority Educational Developmental Workshop to Cover How US Tax-Dollars Are Working Against American Families

The misappropriate use of US Educational Funds with secret pact between private corporations and political leaders will be addressed at Summer National Conference. - July 15, 2011

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