Air Conditioning Specialists Alexander Services Now Offering $30 Off Any Repair for San Antonio Residents

San Antonio, TX, April 20, 2012 --( Leading San Antonio air conditioning repair experts Alexander Services have recently announced the introduction of a new offer designed to consolidate the repair cost for those living in San Antonio. They will now be providing residents within San Antonio $30 off any repairs conducted by the team’s air condition maintenance experts.

Many Americans are not aware that their air conditioning units lose their efficiency over time. Like any electrical product, air conditioners require maintenance in order to ensure they’re performing to optimal effect. One of the major difficulties however in repairing newer models of air conditioner is the wide variation within the contemporary marketplace. For this reason, Americans now must speak with professionals in their area about how best to ensure superior performance from their air conditioning units. And by opening up this new offer, Alexander Services are helping to ensure that professional air conditioning maintenance remains affordable for San Antonio residents.

In addition to providing their new $30 repair discount, the team at Alexander Services will also be providing their clientele across San Antonio with a free, no obligation on-site estimate in order to ensure that the problem has been analyzed by a professional and to provide the customer with information about the issue directly from a seasoned industry specialist. Once the problem has been diagnosed, the team at Alexander Services is adept at finding the most affordable means of addressing any issues discovered.

To learn more about these new offers from the team at Alexander Services, contact their in-house team today.
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Mark Fritz