SunMaxx Solar Partners with Renewable Energy Equipment Leasing (REEL) to Offer Municipal, Commercial, and Residential Financing Programs

Financial solutions to purchase SunMaxx Solar thermal hot water systems are made available by Renewable Energy Equipment

Binghamton, NY, April 21, 2012 --( SunMaxx Solar, a leading, vertically integrated manufacturer of solar thermal systems and components, has partnered with Renewable Energy Equipment Leasing (REEL), an industry leader in providing energy efficient finance solutions, to offer residential, commercial, and municipal financing options for the purchase of SunMaxx Solar thermal hot water systems.

The REEL Advantage Finance Program allows SunMaxx Solar consumers to finance up to 100% of their renewable energy project needs. With selected programs in all 50 states, the program brings alternative, renewable and sustainable energy alternatives to more people who want to take control of their energy production.

SunMaxx Solar teamed up with REEL to bring renewable energy into the hands of more consumers, who may have otherwise thought they could not afford solar thermal systems. Program products have interest rates as low as 6.95 percent and products are available to those with FICO credit scores as low as 600.

“As a leader in providing a full array of financial solution products to the contractor industry, REEL is excited about the opportunity to work with SunMaxx Solar and their installing dealer network. In the marketplace today, SunMaxx Solar supplies and installs high efficiency solar thermal systems. By partnering with REEL, SunMaxx Solar customers can obtain project financing at rates and terms that can result in a shorter pay back periods and lower monthly payments than virtually all other consumer project financing loan programs. We look forward to providing SunMaxx Solar dealers with REEL resources and training to leverage financing opportunities to increase sales and close more transactions. Consideration of SunMaxx Solar and use of their products in residential, commercial, and municipal projects is encouraged,” said Terry Wrazin, Vice President of REEL.

Monthly payments will vary based on the customer’s credit score, financing option and selected products. Customers who purchase through SunMaxx Solar may be eligible for a variety of renewable energy incentives, including a federal tax credit for qualified customers. Additionally, there may be incentives available through state governments and local utilities.

SunMaxx Solar CEO, Adam Farrell comments, “Whether it is manufacturing, distribution channels or financial advice, SunMaxx Solar now provides consumers with the necessary building blocks to build a successful solar energy system. We are excited about our partnership with REEL, this now gives SunMaxx Solar the strong backing that will enable our customers to build a sustainable future.”

SunMaxx Solar is proud that the company’s solar thermal systems greatly contribute to reducing the global carbon footprint. For more details on the SunMaxx Solar/REEL Advantage Finance Program, please visit:

About Renewable Energy Equipment Leasing, LLC:
REEL is a provider of financial products and services throughout the US and Canada for residential unsecured and secured loans. REEL also provides debt, tax equity, and asset based financing for commercial, industrial, and municipal energy related projects. We are dedicated to advancing energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions through a nationwide network of dealers, contractors, distributors, manufacturers and utility companies.

About SunMaxx Solar:
SunMaxx Solar is a leading, vertically integrated manufacturer of solar thermal systems and components. Inspired by a high school science project, SunMaxx Solar was established in 2006 by company CEO Adam Farrell, along with his brother, Matt Farrell, as the solar thermal division of Silicon Solar, Inc., a PV-based sales and distribution company, to meet the growing demand for solar thermal products in North America.

Since our inception, our operational excellence and product leadership in the industry has enabled us to pioneer the development and distribution of new solar technologies and services. We have also established one of the leading solar thermal installer training and educational programs, with a network of over 4,000 authorized SunMaxx installers nationwide. Our certified professional instructors are experts in the solar thermal industry, providing the most up-to-date education and training in solar technology. SunMaxx Solar continues to grow its North American solar thermal operations as well as expanding operations outside of the United States.

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