Sandy Zimmerman (Award Winning Photographer, Talk Show Host/ Syndicated Columnist) Has Created Photo Art, a New Way to Improve Digital Photography

Now the public can awaken their digital photographs, make them come "ALIVE" as an artist would paint them.

Las Vegas, NV, April 21, 2012 --( Sandy Zimmerman (award winning photographer, Show, Film & Dining Reviewer, talk show host/ syndicated columnist) has created Photo Art, a new way to improve digital photographs. Now the public can awaken their digital photographs, make them come "ALIVE" as an artist would paint them! Sandy’s unique new Artist's Technique has been created to bring out the colors and texture of the photographs. When the colors stand out on a photograph, there is a memorable Artistic Effect that blends realism with nature.

Among their other services is Artistic Photography, Photography Workshops, Las Vegas photo tours, Artistic Makeovers, and restoring or improving your photographs, TV commercials, Infomercials, documentaries, and television programs.

For the first time, Photo Walks around Las Vegas is the latest way visitors can enhance the Las Vegas experience with their own personal award winning photographer. Sandy photographs visitors during special walks around Las Vegas. Whether the person is celebrating an anniversary, honeymoon, wedding, birthday, or simply wants to feel the excitement of celebrating their visit to Las Vegas, Sandy captures the moments for an unforgettable trip. The two-three-or-four hour photo walks are customized for each person. This is a unique opportunity which allows a person to relax, have fun, and be a star. Las Vegas has so much to offer, so many themed resorts, Sandy can suggest custom photo walk itineraries. This would also be a great way to have photographs of proposals. Just tell the reason for your visit to Las Vegas and what type of settings you like- theme resorts, family fun, the Strip, Downtown, Lake Mead, antique signs, etc. After the walk, visitors will receive 25+ photos.

Join a Photo Walk to learn techniques how to take better pictures.

Sandy is also introducing Video Slide Shows for restaurants, resorts, openings, entertainers, shows, travel, health retreats, medical, weddings, honeymoons, red carpets, and events,

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