Thrill Planet Customers Go Soaring in Hot Air Balloons

This year’s vibrant fall foliage has record numbers of Thrill Planet customers taking to the skies in Hot Air Balloons.

Atlanta, GA, November 14, 2005 --( This year’s fall foliage has a record number of people queuing up to take to the skies in Hot Air Balloons. Responding to the rising demand in autumn sightseers,, a subsidiary of world renowned adventure sports authority, 1800SkyRide, has expanded its Hot Air Balloon offerings. 

Thrill Planet is the nation’s leading adventure sports provider. With sites everywhere, Thrill Planet’s Balloon launches are conveniently located throughout North America including the nation’s premiere leaf viewing regions. 

A few locations offering the nation’s most astounding fall foliage over which to sail include: Starved Rock State Park in Utica, IL; the Blue Ridge Parkway in Asheville, NC; and Ogden Canyon in Ogden, UT. 

Thrill Planet Hot Air Balloons give multi-colored leaf connoisseurs a bird’s eye view of the season’s sizzling leaves. Customers climb inside the balloon’s wicker gondola, preparing for the scenic ride of a lifetime. The balloon then ascends to 500 to 1,000 feet as a gentle breeze nudges it up to 10 miles along its way. And, as a professional pilot navigates the balloon, the passengers are free to relish the sensation of floating on air. 

For more information about hot air balloon offerings, call Thrill Planet today at 1-800-759-7433 or visit them online at: 

About Thrill Planet 

Thrill Planet is the nation’s leading source of adventure sports. With hundreds of sites constituting its extensive sports network, Thrill Planet adventures are conveniently located throughout North America. Thrill Planet is committed to superlative customer service in all its adventure sports offerings, including: skydiving, hot air balloon rides, hang gliding, race car driving, bull riding, white water rafting, rock climbing, glider rides, helicopter rides, paint ball, and more. Thrill Planet is a premier member of the 1-800-Sky-Ride adventure sports network. 1-800-Sky-Ride is the world’s ultimate authority on and provider of adventure sports. More information about Thrill Planet may be found at Information about 1-800-Sky-Ride is available at

John Thompson