Soap Rocks in Remembrance of Armenian Genocide

SOAP band participates in this year's Silence the Lies, Rock the Truth concert raising awareness on the Armenian Genocide.

Los Angeles, CA, April 21, 2012 --( The night of April 23rd, 1915 marked the beginning of one of the worst human tragedies ever, aptly titled the Armenian Genocide. Not only were countless men of science, politics and academia ordered to leave their homeland forever but many were unjustly sentenced to death by the Turkish government.

That's not all.

Among the many casualties were helpless women and children, dehumanized, preyed upon and brutalized for no crime other than being Armenian. They would suffer the most being made to travel through the harshest terrain without clothes, food or water. Literally hundreds of thousands died during the journey with the few remaining survivors perishing soon after from starvation and exposure. Perhaps the greatest of all indignities is that this atrocity was almost completely erased from the annals of history.

Silence the Lies and Rock the Truth IV is the fourth annual charity concert with a line up of socially conscious acts intent on spreading awareness and change within the community through music and activism. This year the event will be held at the famous El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles on April 24th, 2012.

About SOAP
SOAP is the premier fusion-rock band in Los Angeles, a culmination of four talented musicians from unique and diverse backgrounds with one common goal--to create an incredible sonic experience listeners won't soon forget. Delving into the underground music scene, SOAP's music is described as energetic, vibrant, exciting and new with influences ranging from Latin, Middle Eastern and R&B with comparisons to bands like Incubus and Santana. You can be assured of a one of a kind multi-genre melting pot unlike any other.

SOAP is currently working on their as of yet untitled full length LP due for release in the second half of 2012. They are accepting show dates and are planning to tour extensively to promote their album.

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