Sonic CCTV Introduce New Line of Okina DNR Super Low Lux Vandal Proof Dome Cameras

Fremont, CA, April 25, 2012 --( Leading surveillance product suppliers Sonic CCTV have recently announced the introduction of one of the industry’s leading surveillance camera products from manufacturers Okina. With the addition of Okina DNR Super Low Lux Vandal Proof Dome Cameras to the company’s broad array of solutions, the company hopes to provide residential clients with a new high value protection asset for their home security needs.

The new Okina DNR Super Low Lux Vandal Proof Dome Cameras comes replete with Digital Noise Reduction (DNR) technology. This makes the solution idea for night-time applications in which light is at a minimum. However, the product is flexible enough to be offer crystal-clear imagery in both daytime and nighttime environments and even comes with an integrated day and night digital control function which automatically determines the time of day–keeping full color during daylight hours and then switching to black and white in the evening to provide optimal viewing capability throughout the day.

One of the advantages to integrating the Okina DNR Super Low Lux Vandal Proof Dome Cameras within any home security environment is that the product is extremely user friendly. Users simply have to follow the on-screen display menu to bring up a large array of options and settings to fit their desired monitoring requirements. And for those who are conducting monitoring activities in areas closed to the general public, the product also comes replete with a privacy mask setting, which enables the user to select zones and record only one specific coverage areas away from the public.

Sonic CCTV has once again elevated the standard when it comes to home security and monitoring options. Contact their in-house technical staff today to learn more about the new OkinaDNR Super Low Lux Vandal Proof Dome Cameras. High powered protection has never been this affordable.

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Sylvia Pham-Tang