Vista Filmmaker Returns from a Difficult 30-Day Expedition to Mount Everest

San Diego, CA, June 03, 2007 --( Vista film director, Randall Blaum, returned from a 30-day, 80-mile expedition to Mount Everest as he began filming on his new movie, “Meet Me at the Top,” which takes a hard look at why there have been no cures for any disease in over 50 years and why people are now being given more drugs than ever.

Randall traveled over 24 hours from Los Angeles to Kathmandu, and then trekked 40 miles on foot to reach the Everest base camp going from sea level to over 17,000 feet in the process. The trek to base camp took two weeks because he and the climbing team had to acclimatize to base camp’s 17,500 feet, where there is little oxygen.

In Kathmandu Randall and his film crew and cast were invited to spend the day at an orphanage called Happy House. This orphanage takes in abandoned boys and girls and clothes them, loves them, and schools them until they are 17 and ready to be on their own.

During the visit Randall found that each of the girls had a dream. A dream to help others, like themselves. They had shown Randall that there are bigger things than the individual and that together people can become more than they think. Randall also found there were bigger things than himself.

On the trek to base camp Randall faced one of his childhood fears, being trapped on the side of a mountain with no way down and he also had all of his perceptions and beliefs challenged virtually every day. He also faced the fact that he might not make it to base camp as on several of the days the team trekked up the sides of mountains with elevations of 2500 feet or more. As a person in average physical condition, this proved to be an enormous challenge physically. Through the trek he realized that all people can do more than they think and that climbing mountains is easier than getting rid of the “baggage” we all carry with us. He made it to base camp by taking one step at a time, which as he learned is the way you must also get through life, no matter how difficult the task.

Randall spent private time with several Llamas and monks on the trek to base camp and was blessed by Llama Geshe at the Tengboche Monastery. He was told that he was “Dorje,” a very special name given to people who are the defenders and the truth-tellers.

During the expedition Randall found inner-spiritual depths and physical reserves he didn’t know he had and came to several realizations that have changed his life forever. He spent hours with local Nepalis and Sherpas and heard several stories from the local Nepali people that re-framed his thinking and made him wonder what could be done differently in the US so that everyone could be as happy and content as the Sherpa.

Randall’s Mount Everest trek lasted 30 days and he hiked over 80 miles during that time. While at base camp Randall lost 12 pounds and spent his time working with the climbing team, documenting their activities and learning to live on less. A lot less than he had ever had at home. At one point in time Randall had a grand epiphany.

He was sitting in the dining tent at base camp and had a cup of hot water and a roll of toilet paper and realized that he was in total joy, total bliss, and total happiness. He also realized that this was the feeling that most Americans are always in search of. “I was grateful for the water and toilet paper and I found myself questioning how grateful I was for all I had back home,” Blaum said. “To be 100% grateful for all that you have is the mantra of the Sherpa and in American we don’t seem to be that grateful for all that we have. That was one of the biggest 'ah-ha' moments of the expedition, and part of the message I needed to bring back,” Blaum said.

During his 40-mile trek down from Everest base camp to Lukla, Randall traveled with two Sherpani who each carried 70 pounds of gear while he carried 25 pounds in his backpack. They walked for three days never complaining. They were happy to have work for an additional three days and they said they were blessed to be able to do the work.

During the 40-mile trek from base camp to Lukla Randall discovered why the Sherpa live such happy lives with seemingly nothing to their names, compared to Americans. It begins when they are children and they are taught to work hard and to appreciate everything, everyday; each meal, each friend, and each piece of clothing. The Sherpa also work together as a village to build buildings, create walkways and to help each other, not just in times of need, but every day.

Randall has always had a passion for wellness and the outdoors, and took his first back packing trip when he was just 6 years old and has been an avid hiker / trekker since.

Two years ago Randall severely injured his back and spent 6 weeks in bed. The doctors he went to all recommended that he have major surgery on his back and they all prescribed drugs for the injury. After leaving the emergency room Randall never looked back and found non-surgical, non-drug alternatives for correcting his back problems and six weeks later, he was back on his feet. He has been a student of Tae Kwon Do for the past year and he has just completed an on-foot trek of over 80 miles up 17,000 feet to the Mount Everest base camp and back.

Randall Blaum is the co-founder and president of Marketing Experts International, and is an internationally recognized speaker in the areas of business abundance, coaching & consulting, communication, motivation, workplace wellness, and personal & professional success, and as a member of the National Speakers Association, Randall dedicates himself to training people in the creative & healthy art of true empowerment, using small and simple strategies that yield big results.

As the President of Marketing Experts International and founding member of the International Coaching Association, Randall Blaum has been seen by over 300 million people worldwide via his film, radio, and TV projects for Hollywood, & by his writing, teaching, training, & speaking. He delivers first-rate, content-rich, empowering seminars, keynotes, workshops, coaching & consulting for corporations, associations, groups & individuals.

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