Painting and Decorating at Any Time of Day or Night

Paint Pot Ltd announces a new standard of painting and decorating whether you are there or not.

London, United Kingdom, April 28, 2012 --( Paint Pot Ltd, London are introducing a new, customer friendly service into the painting and decorating industry. They are doing things your way and carrying out jobs in the day or night whether you are up and around your home or hundreds of miles away.

Maybe the best time for you to decorate your cafe is the middle of the night, or you have a hotel room that can only be decorated on a certain date. Maybe you are away from your office for a week and you want the whole thing fully done by the time you are back. Perhaps you are on a holiday with the family and want your home fully painted and decorated by the time you come home.

That’s exactly what Paint Pot is trying to achieve.

Marianna Gottwald – Owner of Paint Pot Ltd made the following statement:

“This is a very new service and it has proved well so far. I am excited that we can now offer this to our customers as many have public rushing in and out etc. I don’t think anyone likes to be rushing around and have Painters and Decorators in their way! With this we can now embrace all needs.”

Paint Pot’s plan for the future is not just to deliver a high standard, with work completed on schedule but to also complete the job when you are not even present. So you never need to know they have been – other than your home, office, café, hotel being totally revamped of course.

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