Vertex Insurance Introduces a Medicare Supplement Comparison Tool

Vertex Insurance, a pioneer in the development of programs for medicare beneficiaries, introduces a medicare supplement comparison tool for individuals to evaluate and compare their medicare supplement plan.

Mesa, AZ, April 30, 2012 --( Vertex Insurance, a pioneer in the development of medicare supplement programs for medicare beneficiaries, introduces a tool that allows for the automated comparison of medicare supplemental plans. By using the tool individuals (beneficiaries) can evaluate and compare many options that are available including the price of each plan in their county or state. "By using our tools medicare recipients can be in control of their plan options and maintain a satisfactory budget for their medical expenses," said Scott Kerby, president of Vertex Insurance. By going to our web site and typing in their information the medicare recipient can compare all options from major companies that are available to them including the price and benefits. By making a comparison the individual can be assured that they have a plan that meets their budget and desired benefits.

In addition to a medicare supplement comparison tool Vertex Insurance has also introduced a program with plans that help to offset the copays that medicare advantage plans typically do not cover. This is significant for medicare advantage members that may have required copays in their plan for specific procedures. By offering several options for accident plans, hospital indemnity plans, and work related disability programs the member can reduce their out of pocket exposure on procedures not covered by their current plan.

Please visit their web site by clicking Arizona Medicare Supplement Plans.
Vertex Insurance
Scott Kerby