Gibsi Girl, Your Online Source of Designer, Interchangeable Bra Straps

Tired of hiding your bra straps ladies? Well don't. Visit for an array of cute and sassy changeable bra straps. Hold your girls up in style.

Culver City, CA, June 05, 2007 --( Gibsi Girl is an online seller of designer, interchangeable bra straps. The company opened its doors in March of 2007 and has a wide selection of affordable straps to accommodate any outfit. is a one stop shop for designer, interchangeable bra straps. Just remove the straps from a strapless bra and replace them with one of theirs. It's that easy. Don't hide those straps anymore; hold them girls up in style.

Straps from Gibsi Girl come in a variety of styles from hand beaded, mother of pearl, clear, printed, and faux gems. Getting dressed doesn't have to be a chore when there are straps that can coordinate with any outfit.

Gibsi Girl is an online store and is located at Because Gibsi Girl is only found online, the owners are able to extend those savings to its customers. Shopping at allows one to browse the wide array of straps as well as see how they look on a physical model.

Gibsi Girl is open 24/7 and accessible to all. Shipping is a small $4.60 for as many straps as desired. The more bought the more money saved. New additions to the site are added regularly.

Gibsi Girl is excited that there are options to those that prefer for her straps not to show. Feel free to wear any outfit and feel good that those dirty, ordinary straps are no longer an issue. It’s an exciting time for women, let's enjoy it. Show off your shoulders any time, any where.

Stop by and break free from the ordinary, make your shoulders extraordinary.

Gibsi Girl
Heather Messersmith