GOSS Congratulates London Borough of Hillingdon for Website Success

GOSS Interactive congratulates London Borough of Hillingdon for receiving 3 stars in the Socitm Better Connected 2012 report. Socitm, the Society of IT Managers in the public sector, publish the annual Better Connected 2012 report into the quality and performance of 433 local authority websites.

Plymouth, United Kingdom, May 08, 2012 --(PR.com)-- The London Borough of Hillingdon, who have their websites powered by GOSS iCM (intelligent Content Management), were mentioned by the reviewers for their overall task orientated approach.

Socitm reviewer: “This site was quick and I had no trouble finding what I needed. This site was really fast and handled our tasks very well.”

The reviewers also highlighted the London Borough of Hillingdon as a good example of using social media for engagement; “Hillingdon was commended for having 15 @Messages in the first page of its tweets and so is seen as a good example of using social media to interact with its community.”

The reviews also praised the council for delivering clear information about rubbish collections, “What I really liked about this facility, was that it told you that we are currently in a 'red' week, so you could immediately work out whether to put your rubbish out this week, or wait until next week, depending on whether your street is blue or red.”

Stephen Cross, Digital Strategy Manager for the London Borough of Hillingdon, stated that: “We are pleased to receive a 3-star rating for the council's website, which has been developed with our partner GOSS Interactive, and particularly for recognition of providing quick and easy to find information, and for effective use of social media.”

Rob McCarthy, CEO, GOSS Interactive adds, “It is great to see the London Borough of Hillingdon’s website recognised for the hard work that the team have put in to make it a successful and customer focused website. As experts in facilitating digital strategy for organisations, GOSS is able to provide a full service for councils who want to improve their online channel strategy and provide more services whilst reducing costs. GOSS Interactive is already helping our clients deliver their future digital strategy, including mobile websites, in preparation for Better Connected 2013.”

GOSS Interactive has been delivering GOSS iCM Web Content Management and website publishing software for over 10 years. Today it is in use by major corporations and public sector organisations where it is the market leader in use by over 50 of the 433 UK local authorities.

In the report, over 65% of GOSS clients have been rated amongst the highest in the country with a further 28% maintaining their previous good scores.
You can view the London Borough of Hillingdon Borough website at www.hillingdon.gov.uk

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