MS Office AutoCorrect and Autotext Feature for All Applications

The new version 4.1 of the Freeware PhraseExpress allows you to use the AutoCorrect and Autotext feature of Microsoft Office in any Windows application.

Trier, Germany, June 05, 2007 --( Microsoft Word can expand text abbreviations, such as "kr" into "Kind regards..." and also correct typos while you type.

Unfortunately, this useful feature is solely available in Office applications. Internet browsers, messenger/chat programs and database frontends must go without this little helper.

And if you ever tried to move your personal AutoCorrect entries to a new computer, you will find yourself wondering why Microsoft Office does not have any built-in function to store or back up your personal AutoCorrect data.

Both problems are elegantly solved with the new version 4.1 of PhraseExpress: The popular text replacement program can import all your AutoCorrect and Autotext entries from Microsoft Word and provide this functionality with enhanced capabilities in any application, not just Office.

All data is stored in a industry-standard XML file which can be easily transferred to a new computer or backed up. Text snippets can be saved including formatting and bitmaps. Text snippets can be daisy-chained or added with dynamic text like date/time stamps or additional manual text input.

The separate PhraseExpress Network Edition can synchronize your phrases with all workstations in a company network. Users can use personal phrases and share common phrases with others.

PhraseExpress is free for personal use, runs on Windows 98 (or later) and can be downloaded from The Commercial Edition costs US$ 19.95 (volume discounts are available).

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Judith Reiff