Samurai Karate Studio Adds Young Leaders Group to It's Program

Columbia, SC, May 06, 2012 --( Sensei Chris Feldt, owner and chief instructor for Samurai Karate Studio, located in Richland Northeast Columbia, recently announced the addition of a new program at his school called the Young Leaders Group. The program is free to all Samurai Karate Studio student members that are in the SKS leadership program.

"This program coincides with our leadership program at Samurai Karate," commented Feldt. "The goal will be to help develop leadership skills as well as public speaking skills by participating in this group."

The program will focus on issues of the day, like bullying. The Young Leaders Group will learn how to teach other kids to deal with bullying in a non-violent kind of way.

Feldt explained, "There are many issues of self defense that our children are involved in, that are more than just kicking and punching. Bullying is a real issue in the schools and the students and parents are struggling how to deal with it. It is my hope that I can teach my students how to effectively deal with a bully and then the members of this group can go out into the community and teach other children."

This program hopes to address kindness, anger management, Diabetes awareness, environmental self defense, and community service.

This program is just one of the benefits of training in the Leadership program at Samurai Karate Studio. If you or someone you know would like more information, please call Sensei Feldt at 803-462-9425 or email at
Samurai Karate Studio
Sensei Chris Feldt