Uniastrum Launches Rapid Return Short-Term Deposit Option

The Bank’s latest deposit initiative is ideal for customers looking to set aside funds for 91-181 days and enjoy strong returns on their investment.

Moscow, Russia, May 07, 2012 --(PR.com)-- So far this year Uniastrum Bank has added two more options to its retail deposit range. The latest, Rapid Return, has been specially designed for depositors wishing to place anywhere between Rb 50,000 and Rb 100 mn for a short period. The new account offers returns ranging from 8%-9.5% APR depending on the deposit amount and term*. On maturity, the account is automatically renewed, unless the customer instructs otherwise. Once deposited, the funds may not be added to, nor is there any provision for partial withdrawal. All in all, Rapid Return is a convenient and practical way for retail customers to earn on their savings prior, for example, to making a large purchase.

Uniastrum Bank invites customers looking to place between Rb 50,000 and Rb 100 mn with an eye to gaining healthy returns over a longer period to open a 2-year Advantage account, which provides a return of 13% APR*. With Uniastrum’s Advantage account, depositors can look forward to strong earnings, even if they opt for early closure.

“Our new deposit facilities have been carefully crafted with the real needs of today’s banking public in mind,” says Vasily Kuznetsov, Deputy Chairman of Uniastrum’s Management Board. “The Bank’s deposit range offers a wide choice of options designed to cover a diverse set of tasks and objectives, including, needless to say, solid returns on customer savings.”
Uniastrum Bank
Kseniya Chernisheva
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