New Study Shows Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) as an Emerging Ablative Therapy for Recurrent Gynecologic Cancer

Local study provides hope to women with difficult to treat gynecologic cancers.

Fort Myers, FL, May 12, 2012 --( For the past five years, a small group of Lee County women has been participating in a groundbreaking study using a type of radiation therapy initially used in the treatment of prostate cancer. In the study, presented at the Society for Gynecologic Oncology National Meeting, Southwest Florida physicians Constantine Mantz, M.D., Edward Grendys, M.D., Fadi Abu Shahin, M.D. and James Orr, M.D. recounted the success they have had using Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) on women with recurrent gynecologic cancers.

Thirty-six patients have been treated using SBRT and have been followed for more than two years. Stereotactic radiation therapy combines radiation therapy with guidance technology. SBRT delivers radiation very precisely to the affected area. The treatment involves sophisticated x-ray technology to capture highly detailed images of the tumor and achieve an extremely degree of accuracy for treatment.

Dr. Orr explains, “We have now developed a new technology for women with recurrent gynecological cancer to alleviate their symptoms and potentially eradicate disease in areas that can be life threatening due to bleeding and infection. It can be used to treat virtually all types of gynecological cancers, including ovarian cancer. The other major benefit to this treatment is that it runs for 10 days instead of months of chemotherapy.”

Because the radiation is delivered so accurately, areas can be retreated if necessary. “While this does not take the place of chemotherapy or wider range radiation, it can be used in conjunction with standard treatment protocols with great success. This is a fantastic way of treating recurrent disease in a manner that has minimal impact on the patient’s quality of life,” Dr. Orr added. “If a woman has had cancer, and has a recurrence, this is an extremely effective tool for treating the cancer quickly and easily, and letting the patient get on with her life.”

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