How to Productively Manage Your E-mail: An Instructional Video

Winnipeg, Canada, June 07, 2007 --( By its very nature, managing an online volunteer program involves an extensive amount of e-mail communication. Thus, failing to manage your e-mail in an efficient and effective way can result in an extensive waste of time and lost productivity. Fortunately many e-mail applications (such as the free cross-platform open source e-mail program, Thunderbird) contain rich feature sets to assist a non-profit organization to productively manage their e-mail communication with their online volunteers.

Setting up folders to organize your mail, configuring a range of simple to complex filters (with associated actions, such as automatic printing, playing a certain alert audio message when a specific type of message arrives, message re-direct/transfer, auto replying or deleting of messages) and creating stationary files for commonly used messages, are just some of the many ways that many e-mail applications can be configured to assist an online volunteer program manager to successfully control their mail exchanges.

As part of the best practises multimedia publication about Online Volunteering that Randy Tyler is currently developing, many how-to videos have (and are) being produced. In this context, Macdonald Youth Services' Ireland-based virtual volunteer, Becky Heaman, recently produced a video that aims to show you how to download, install and configure some of Thunderbird's most powerful features to assist you in better managing your e-mail communication.

To accommodate various users, the 16 minute "How to Use Mozilla's Thunderbird E-mail Application" video is available in the following formats (at different resolutions): Flash, Windows Media Video, AVI, DivX and MPEG-4. To choose your preferred download option, please visit the URL below now:

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