MYS Releases Video About the Global Directory of Web Sites That List Online Volunteer Opportunities

This video will help to clarify that MYS's global directory does not list online volunteer opportunities but is a unique global recruitment resource for a non-profit organization asking: "Where can we list our online volunteer opportunities for potential volunteers to see them?" - February 18, 2008

MYS Demonstrates Online Volunteers Can be Retained for Years

An online volunteer can be retained for years if appropriately screened, assigned and recognized, even though the non-profit has never met their volunteer face-to-face. - February 03, 2008

Online Volunteer Shows Quality Video Production Doable via the Internet

It was 2004 when Detroit-based Kibben Miller came across an Internet-based volunteer opportunity that he saw as a perfect fit for both his lifestyle and skill set as a video editor. Although Miller was initially somewhat skeptical of whether or not the Internet could be used as an effective... - December 21, 2007

Canadian on Working European Vacation Finds Online Volunteering with Canadian Charity by Chance

In the fall of 2006, Becky Heaman of Calgary (Canada) had sold her house, quit her job and set out on a working European vacation of her lifetime. After establishing Dublin, Ireland as her home base, Heaman sought out a volunteer opportunity to help her get connected with her new surroundings. To her surprise, the search popped up an online volunteer opportunity (something she had not done before) with a Canadian charitable organization, Macdonald Youth Services (MYS), based in Winnipeg. - December 01, 2007

MYS Launches Global Directory of Web Sites That List Online Volunteer Opportunities

Macdonald Youth Services launched "The Global Directory of Web Sites that List Online Volunteer Opportunities" today. This unique global directory will allow any non-profit organization to easily find Web sites to list their Internet-based volunteer opportunities. - November 23, 2007

MYS Announces the Release of iTunes Instructional Video

Macdonald Youth Services (MYS) announces the release of an iTunes instructional video entitled "How to Subscribe to and Play Podcasts Using Apple's iTunes". Podcasts, which are downloadable audio or video files, are a productive way to learn about trends and issues that impact online volunteering within non-profit organizations. - November 01, 2007

MYS Launches Online Volunteering Resource and Podcast

Macdonald Youth Services (MYS) officially launches their Web-based resource and podcast entitled "About Online Volunteering: Information Non-Profit Organizations Can Use." - October 12, 2007

How to Record and Send Voice E-Mail to Your Online Volunteers - an Instructional Video

Voice e-mail is one productivity application that non-profit organizations should be using to communicate with their online volunteers. There are certain situations where text-based e-mail is not as effective or efficient as voice e-mail in conveying a message to your Internet-based... - August 30, 2007

Online Volunteers Play a Key Role in Success of Special Events

Most not-for-profit organizations still rely (only) on face-to-face volunteers to help plan, organize and execute their special events. However, Canadian-based charitable organization, Macdonald Youth Services (MYS), has demonstrated that Internet-based volunteers can play a key role in the success... - August 02, 2007

Online Volunteering: A Great Fit for Retired Alberta Woman

It was 2005 and retired Albertan Gail Drinnan couldn't find a local online volunteer opportunity that matched her skills and interests. Now two years later, Drinnan still continues to share her time and talents via the Internet to help Macdonald Youth Services (MYS), a charitable organization located 800 miles away in Winnipeg. A Podcast interview with Macdonald Youth Services' Online Volunteer Gail Drinnan reveals that Online Voluntering is a great fit for this retired Albertan. - June 23, 2007

Retaining Online Volunteers: What You Need to Know

To assist with online volunteer retention the not-for-profit organization has a responsibility to develop and implement a professionally accepted online volunteer screening and assessment process. - June 16, 2007

How to Productively Manage Your E-mail: An Instructional Video

By its very nature, managing an online volunteer program involves an extensive amount of e-mail communication. Thus, failing to manage your e-mail in an efficient and effective way can result in an extensive waste of time and lost productivity. Fortunately many e-mail applications (such as the free... - June 07, 2007

Does Job Satisfaction Encourage Online Volunteering?

Middle East-Based Software Developer Contributes Online to a Canadian Charity 6,000 Miles Away - May 04, 2007

How to Easily Build Your Resume: Volunteer Online

Lauren Kennedy had just graduated with a Degree in Fine Arts. She knew that undertaking real-world graphic design projects would serve to build her portfolio and enhance her resume. Although unfamiliar with online volunteering, Kennedy then living in Toronto, leaped at the opportunity to help a... - March 28, 2007

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