How to Market Your First Novel

A major hurdle for first-time fiction authors is the difficulty of getting their work recognized. Few libraries or bookstores will consider a self-published or debut fiction title unless it comes with credentials. To help promote this exploding segment of the market, ForeWord has created a quarterly debut fiction contest - ForeWord Firsts - to recognize the brightest new fiction.

Traverse City, MI, May 12, 2012 --( The biggest mistake self-published authors make is not having a marketing plan. Printing a book and hoping it sells itself is not a tactical plan.

Authors have to be a relentless self-promoters.

This includes entering titles in an awards program that recognizes and places the best self-published titles to the book-buying market. Consider ForeWord Firsts.

ForeWord’s readership is made up of librarians and booksellers. They rely on ForeWord's book recommendations for their collection-buying needs.

ForeWord Firsts is a debut fiction competition for first-time authors only. Self-published authors and small presses representing debut novelists are invited to submit their titles.

They are currently accepting Spring 2012 Releases. Books published between April 1, 2012 to June 30, 2012. Submission is $25/title.

Authors need to know their readership and understand their market. Sign up for ForeWord Firsts today. It’s where booksellers and librarians go to find the best of the best Indie titles.
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Kimber Bilby