Race Technology’s SPEEDBOX Gives You the Tactical Advantage

Race Technology’s SPEEDBOX product uses a unique PurePhase GPS system combined with accelerometers to measure speed and distance more accurately and more robustly than GPS alone.

Nottingham, United Kingdom, May 13, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Race Technology produces some of the industry’s most accurate and widely used GPS instrumentation, data, and data/video systems. In particular it is well known for its SPEEDBOX product that uses a unique PurePhase GPS system combined with accelerometers to measure speed and distance more accurately and more robustly than GPS alone.

The latest development of the SPEEDBOX is the INS option which moves progress a step further; extending possible applications from not only straight line performance and brake testing, but also all types of dynamic testing. The INS option uses the same PurePhase GPS technology, but in addition uses an advanced inertial sensor consisting of three accelerometers and three gyroscopes. All the data is automatically combined to calculate position, speed, distance, heading, gradient, acceleration, roll, pitch and yaw, all in real time.

The SPEEDBOX INS is available in three versions: standard dual antenna, tactical grade dual antenna, and tactical grade single antenna. The dual antenna versions are ideal for the majority of automotive testing applications, and the single antenna for situations where there is more limited installation space available.

The headline accuracies for the tactical grade systems are 0.05 degrees for yaw, and 0.025 degrees for roll and pitch. This data is available at 200Hz with no interpolation, with a latency of just 2.5ms. These industry leading accuracies are possible by using a newly designed ultra compact tactical grade inertial sensor from the aerospace industry. This new sensor together with unique data processing algorithms developed in house by Race Technology mean that the system outperforms all competitor systems by a substantial margin.

All the data is available in industry standard formats including serial, CAN, analogue or digital. This data can be used with third party equipment data acquisition equipment, or logged and analysed with Race Technology’s extensive range of data loggers and software.

It’s not just the performance of the SPEEDBOX INS system that sets it apart from the competition; it is also lower cost, more compact and far simpler to install and operate. Whilst the dual antenna systems are compact enough for most automotive test applications, the single antenna system is so compact that it can be fitted in applications where a traditional system would be impractical. The system is available with a range of suction, magnetic and permanent screw down mounting options, ensuring it can be installed and operational in just a few minutes. Other solutions require extensive installation, measurements to be taken, an initialisation phase and large GPS antenna separations for best performance. With the SPEEDBOX INS it really is as simple as fit and go – very high accuracy data available instantly.

Race Technology Ltd
Dr. Lorne Winborn