Babya Enhances Babya bCal

Queensland, Australia, June 08, 2007 --( Babya today unveiled a major upgrade to Babya bCal, offering Babya E-Type 4.0 for notes saving, Windows Vista compatibility and PDF conversion of saved notes.

Babya bCal is a easy to use, PIM program that supports multiple calendars.

You can use Babya bCal to store your friends, business associates name, address, company, telephone, email, webpage, info, photos and more.

If there are several people using the same computer they could all have their own Contacts books (Contact databases)-you can create as many as you want and call them what ever you want.

Easily backup and restore your address book to any location you want.

You can open and send a email to current person or open his/her webpage.

A easy to use search feature for easily locating information using several search criteria such as: Last Name, First Name, Company, Address, Telephone, Mobile, City, Country.

Use the included Babya E-Type to easily copy and save notes, then convert them to PDF with Babya PDF Converter.

Babya's A.A. Fussy said, "Babya bCal now offers even more value as you can now easily share and save notes in .txt or PDF formats-also we added support for the Aero interface in Vista."

Pricing and Availability:
Babya bCal 4.0 is now shipping and can be obtained at:

About Babya:

Babya Software Group is an award-winning developer of digital media software for Mac and Windows, including bSuite,Babya OneVideo, bPicture, Babya Firestorm, Babya Photo Workshop and Babya Logic.

Babya's software has won many awards over the past several years, including 5 stars (Babya bSuite, 2005), a Softpedia Pick and 100% clean award (2006) and has been featured in magazines such as PC Utilities and PC Format.

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