Intratec Boosts Its Process Economics Publications with Aspentech Software

Intratec signed a 6 year lease term for a package of the most advanced software for process simulation and economic evaluation of chemical process technologies, licensed by Aspen Technology, Inc.

Houston, TX, May 17, 2012 --( Intratec Solutions LLC (, the leading provider of techno-economic publications and process consulting for chemical and allied industries, signed a 6 year term for AspenONE engineering software, aiming to boost the development of process economics publications and feasibility studies. The software suite is developed by Aspen Technology, Inc., a leading provider of software to the chemical & oil process industries.

The AspenONE package includes, among others, the following software: Aspen Plus, Aspen Polymers, Aspen HYSYS, Aspen Simulation Workbook , Aspen OTS Framework, Aspen Process Economic Analyzer, Aspen In-Plant Cost Estimator and Aspen Capital Cost Estimator.

By combining its in-house database and process design skills with Aspen Technology software, Intratec consolidates a structured methodology designed along more than 10 years providing feasibility studies and techno-economic assessments for process industries. This methodology encompasses in-depth research, extensive data gathering and analysis, which support the development of a conceptual design and then the building of a rigorous steady state process simulation model, from which material balance calculations are performed around the process, key process indicators are identified, main equipment listed and sized.

Mr. Tavares, CEO of Intratec, points out that “Aspentech has developed the most advanced solutions when it comes to simulation and evaluation of processes. Such tools are a valuable complement to Intratec’s expertise, and will boost the development of company’s process economics publications and feasibility assessments.”

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Intratec ( has been the unrivalled provider of techno-economic publications and process consulting for chemical and allied industries. Intratec's wide spectrum of services include process plant configuration studies, competitive technical intelligence analyses, energy optimization studies, capital cost build-up of entire facilities from individual equipment-level concept design, technical opportunities identification and opportunity portfolio optimization in existing plants and technology evaluation for emerging technologies among others. With offices in USA, Mexico, Brazil and Canada, Intratec serves readers and clients wherever they need.

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