Czerny's Auction of Antique Arms, Armour, European and Oriental Antiques

Czerny's International Auction House announces its customary event featuring the sale of Antique Arms & Armour to be held in Sarzana on 2 and 3 June 2012. Items displayed at the auction house and participation also available through online bidding.

Sarzana, Italy, May 18, 2012 --( It will be possible to view the lots during the display to be held at the premises of Czerny's International Auction House from Monday 28 May to Friday 1 June 1, from 10.00 to 13.00 and from 15.00 to 18.00.

The sale will take place over two sessions: on Saturday 2 June lots 1 to 520 will be presented from 14:30, Sunday 3 lots 521 to 1021 will be presented from 14:30 .

Offers Can be Made Online by registering at the site

Here is a detailed outline of the total number of lots:

White Military Weapons 78
Literature on Antique Weapons 28
Defensive Weapons 79
Bits, Spurs, Stirrups 2
Pistols 83
African Arms 17
Weapons of the Far East 17
Chinese Arms 14
Japanese Arms 45
Oriental Arms 138
East Hunting Swords & Daggers 15
Hammers & Axes 13
Daggers 46
Swords & Rapiers 75
Pole Arms 26
Historical Weapons 13
Crossbows 3
Cannons & Accessories 10
Powder flasks & Accessories 23
American Firearms 14
Revolvers 14
Rifles 51
Ocean Weapons 30
Miscellaneous 12

Included in the 1021 lots offered are:

Around 25 rare Italian and French military helmets, including a helmet from the Personal Guard of King Louis XVIII and a general's helmet from the period of King Umberto I.

13 pistols and wheellock rifles, including a wheellock carbine belonging to the Personal Guard of Wolf Dietrich von Raitenau, Prince-Archbishop of Salzburg, and an exquisite rifle carved by the famous "Meister der Tierkopfranke".

Around 40 firearms belonging to members of royal or aristocratic families, including an important gun owned by Baron von Beulwitz depicting scenes from the end of the Thirty Years War; a private collection of rare oriental daggers.

Around 80 military swords and sabers, including a saber belonging to General Mellinet, a sword belonging to Marshal Franchet D'Esperey and other important pieces from the Napoleonic period.

9 pistols and pairs of wheellock pistols, including the pair belonging to the Personal Guard of King Christian of Saxony, 3 puffers and a rare pair of pistols belonging to a Flemish Officer; around 10 pairs of dueling pistols in boxes by Le Page, Lebeda, Devisme, Contriner and Thomas Lloyd, including a remarkable set of four guns belonging to Felix, Prince of Schwarzenberg, Austrian Foreign Minister and President.

There will also be an auction of Dr. Posa's Collection of European and Oriental Arms & Armour; Japanese Arms & Armor, including a daisho and 5 suits of armour, a rare collection of maces and shields from Oceania and around 60 lots defensive weapons, including an extremely rare Maximilian chest piece.

The catalogue, which contains descriptions in English and Italian and colour photographs, is available on request. An online version of the catalogue is available on our site.

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