Exploria SPS™ Announces Association with DraftFCB

Exploria SPS™ Announces Association with DraftFCB Healthcare’s Newly Formed Interactive Agency, ConnectTech™, to Develop Behavior Driven Interactive Content for Tablet PC Detailing that Accelerates CLM

Hartford, CT, June 09, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Exploria SPS, a leading pharmaceutical software developer and global provider of Continuous Loop MarketingTM (CLM) software for Tablet PCs, has formed an association with DraftFCB Healthcare’s newly formed division, ConnectTech, a cutting-edge interactive content provider, to develop highly advanced, behavior driven, interactive content during the physician detail, accelerating the closed loop process in real time.

For many pharma companies deployed on CLM software, the loop does not move fast enough. The amount of time it takes to present content, garner physician reaction, and republish content back to the physician is measured in months. Exploria SPS views this excessive time as missed opportunity and expedites delivery of content and media to meet the physicians’ immediate need for education. For many physicians, this will significantly enhance the value of the sales rep intervention.

Harnessing powerful behavioral and learning algorithms inherent in Exploria SPS, coupled with creative native media development, ConnectTech will transform traditional “static” details into a new form of dynamic discussion between prescribers and sales representatives. “For the industry to truly take advantage of the power of Continuous Loop Marketing via the Tablet PC, it must first get into the minds of physicians, dynamically capture behavioral data during the live detail, and analyze it immediately so findings can be presented back to the physician. Providing the doctor with information in this way will engage him in learning about the product that is at the heart of the detail,” says Dr. Henry Slotnick, Professor Emeritus, University of North Dakota, and leading expert in physician behavior and learning. “Applying adult learning in this way allows Exploria to produce practical algorithmic driven educational tools that will invite doctors to discuss the medical issues raised by the sales rep.”

“The four stages of physician learning have been paramount in influencing development of the Exploria SPS application,” said Richie Bavasso, President of Exploria SPS. “Not only do we fully understand and appreciate that brand teams and agencies need to have optimal flexibility to meet demand for greater and greater content functionality, we know that content creators are continuously looking to capitalize on the progressive advancements of native media applications.”

The Exploria SPS solution taps directly into the depths of native media formats like Flash®, pdf, Shockwave®, and PowerPoint® to control, track, extract behaviors, dynamically re-compose, and present this re-composed content to reflect the prescriber’s learning behaviors and experience during the live detail. The burden of critical functionality to deliver these features resides in the Exploria SPS software, not in the content or with the content developer. “The freedom to work with the full power and flexibility of the native interactive media environment ensures that we can continue to offer the highest level of creativity for our clients”, says Harold Corbran, Executive VP and Chief Operating Officer for Draft FCB Healthcare.

This dynamically re-composed interactive content is fully regulated by Exploria’s powerful compliance “rules” engine that allows dynamic presentation of individual prescriber driven messages, images, and animations during a live detail. “We are able to turn the traditional detail page into a more personalized dynamically ‘fluid’ interactive experience on the spot, allowing agencies like ConnectTech to tap into the depth and breadth of native media because of Exploria SPS’ powerful rules, policies, and permissions infrastructure,” says Bavasso.

Exploria SPS’ content creation and administration methodology provide flexibility by enabling a higher level of creativity, speed, and efficiency in developing interactive media presentations. Additionally, clients appreciate the built-in pdf viewer that offers the DDMAC and PAAB approved functionality of highlighting, bookmarking, magnification, emailing, printing, and many other administratively-controlled options.

“As the first agency in the industry to establish a division dedicated to creating tablet PC detailing content, Connect Tech is excited about the flexibility Exploria SPS offers to enable us to meet the needs of our clients,” said Corbran. “As more and more pharmaceutical companies adopt CLM, we must continuously stay on the cutting edge of interactive media and deliver to our client more engaging media that adapts ‘real-time’ to physician interaction and requests for information.”

About Exploria Sales Performance Solutions, LLC:
Exploria SPSTM offers sales performance solutions for Tablet PCs and other mobile technology to the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. Exploria SPS created its second generation tablet PC detailing solution for use in a Continuous Loop MarketingTM (CLM) environment in direct response to customer dissatisfaction with the first generation offering. Focused on The Science of DetailingTM, the Exploria SPS solution enables interactive detailing using native media and algorithmic logic to determine presentation of appropriate content based upon physician response.

Exploria’s technology is built on its more efficient and performance minded direct-to-desktop Community Network PlatformTM. It has helped the pharmaceutical industry with various content management and behavioral modeling needs since 1996. Its current tablet PC detailing offering has more features, offers greater work flow efficiency and field force flexibility, and has a lower cost both in terms of acquisition and resource utilization than other market offerings. To date, over 84,000 health care professionals use Exploria for various e-technology applications.

Exploria SPS has offices in Hartford, CT, Raleigh-Durham, NC, and Berlin, Germany.

Please contact Steve Simpson, Director US Sales Operations at (860) 490-5091

About ConnectTech:
Connect Tech, a division of Draftfcb Healthcare, provides strategic and creative development for pharmaceutical and medical device companies who utilize closed loop marketing platforms. Connect Tech is one of the original content developers of CLM programs in the healthcare sector and over the last four years has developed over 4,000 screens for the tablet PC. Connect Tech, with its staff dedicated solely to the management and development of CLM programs, has become a leader in the innovative application of this exciting technology.

As many pharmaceutical and medical device companies move to CLM technology, Connect Tech continues to enhance its capabilities by ensuring it has been certified, trained and proficient in any software or hardware environment in which our existing and potential clients may exist.

Connect Tech, a division of Draftfcb Healthcare is located in New York City, NY

Please contact Harold Corbran, Chief Operations Officer at (212) 885-3831

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