"Forbidden Kiss Live!" Celebrates Sixth Year with Crowd-Pleasing Sexy Cabaret Show at Stage Left Studio

Sexy cabaret show "Forbidden Kiss Live!" celebrates sixth year at Stage Left Studio, off-off Broadway, New York City. Theatre, cabaret and burlesque performers give audiences lots of laughs and much to talk about.

New York, NY, May 20, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Performing monthly, Forbidden Kiss LIVE! at midtown New York City’s Stage Left Studio, 214 W 30thSt, is celebrating its sixth year. The sexy cabaret revue features original material by a very talented ensemble of writer/performers as well as singers and burlesque artists. It's erotica with a twist—funny sketches, music, blue vaudeville, spoken word, and full-on hot and steamy monologues. The show is hosted by Cheryl King, the series creator. A post-show reception with complimentary beverages is included as part of the package.

The May show began with a burlesque comedy striptease by Bella DaBalls, a persona created by comedienne Jenn Wehrung. The chicken costume came off beak by feather as Bella sang passionately to her prop: a chicken puppet she was intent on seducing. A technical glitch ended the number abruptly—or was that part of the show? Since Mz. DaBalls book-ended the show with another hilarious costumed burlesque number, it was perhaps all part of the plan.

King joined Corwin next for the continued series “Podcasters” about two voiceover artists in the soft porn industry. The duet performed two sketches, written by Ms. King, with clever dialogue you’d never see in the real world of sex video. A sexy KGB-style interrogation and Comparative Religion were the topics in this growing set of episodes, set to be a one-act play in the fall. Both scenes garnered copious laughter and appropriately placed groans. The two again shone in the improvisation segment called “Sexperts” in which they took audience questions, providing hilarious impromptu replies. The segment was hosted by Frank Blocker as a character from his play Stabilized Not Controlled, now in regular performances at Stage Left Studio. Blocker also performed a blushing song about self-love in musical theatre style.

A unique, comic-mime, reverse striptease was elegantly performed by Parker Leventer performing as alter ego “Prudence McInnocently.” Leventer’s past experience in physical theatre and impressive acting credentials were put to wonderful use in her unspoken performance that turns dressing to work in the garden into a very sensual exercise.

Gaby Gold donned a tight and tantalizing black dress with dental napkin for a necklace to wow the audience with her powerful voice and comedic chops, singing of the love for her orthodontist—and all that it implied. Gold was seduced into performing at the monthly crowd pleaser while a regular in Cheryl King's “Write Your Heart Out” class.

Guest stars for the May performance included Greg Halpen, who sang a heartfelt version of “Kissing You,” and actress Valerie Hager who performed part of her dynamic show that’s currently in workshop, Naked in Alaska, where a heart-of-gold stripper faces her first day on the job.
Stage Left Studio
Cheryl King or Ken Allen, Publicist