Zimmermann Construction Staffing--Recent Construction Staffing Interests: The Pentagon, Fort Sam Houston and More

Zimmermann Construction Staffing has recently been approached about high-profile constructions jobs at The Pentagon, Fort Sam Houston and Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

Panama City, FL, May 25, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Zimmermann Construction Staffing has recently been approached about high-profile constructions jobs at The Pentagon, Fort Sam Houston and Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. On-site contractors requested both general labor staffing and skilled labor staffing to satisfy their permanent and temporary construction staffing needs. Davis Bacon Wages and stringent requirements for skilled journeymen to step foot on-site push the Zimmermann team to begin doing what they do best... Nationwide Construction Staffing.

When a contractor has the opportunity for ongoing work, their top priority is keeping the client satisfied. When that promise is from The Pentagon, it's all the more true. After figuring up construction budgets, the last thing contractors should do is spend days or weeks exploring construction staffing solutions: construction recruitment, qualifying and interviewing candidates, facilitating drug testing and background checks, and processing paperwork. In this instance, Zimmermann Construction Staffing was approached to be the employment agency responsible for general labor staffing, payrolling and insuring.

Alternatively a plumbing contractor was recently awarded a multi-phase, six month project at Fort Sam Houston; a job requiring ten plus Texas Licensed Plumbers at times, and the promise of dynamic labor staffing needs--the promise of turnover and headache. Foreseeing the paperwork nightmare of the months to come, the project manager and office manager enlisted the services of Zimmermann Staffing to assist them with their construction staffing needs. With nothing but prevailing wages and a tentative six months of work to attract the plumbers, Zimmermann began recruiting plumbers from their skilled tradesmen database. Zimmermann expectantly prequalified backup plumbers, mindful of the expected lulls in manpower needs throughout the project.

Walter Reed Medical Center contracted out work for upkeep and improvements to the property. The job offered prevailing wages, strict requirements and a long-term need for reliable labor. Zimmermann Construction Staffing was asked to act as payroll liaison and recruiter--most importantly, they were asked to step out of the picture once the undesirable part of the job was done! Zimmermann Staffing offers early buyout options, which add utility and workability, to an already attractive construction staffing service. After all... once Zimmermann's found the right guy for the job, the job is done!

Considering the spring Zimmermann Construction Staffing had, they look to the horizon expecting another year of steady growth and improvement. The Zimmermann Staffing team recognize and appreciate both their clientele who--by choice--turn to them exclusively with their staffing needs, and the quality tradesmen and laborers who make it possible for them to provide consistently top-notch construction staffing each and every time.

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