Clients Achieve Great Success with Rhodesian Ridgebacks from South Side Dogs

Worcester, NY, May 26, 2012 --( Worcester, NY based dog breeders South Side Dogs’ owner Frank Popolizio has recently received a letter from a former client detailing the success of an animal purchased through the organization. The client’s Rhodesian Ridgeback was purchased from South Side Dogs and has now become a notable participant within agility competitions throughout Connecticut and New York State.

The client notes that their dog Henry, a highly sought-after male Rhodesian Ridgeback, has been showing great improvement in his physical prowess. He’s also been adapting to the competitions with great excitement – a well-documented characteristic of the Rhodesian Ridgeback breed – and most recently finished 2nd in a competition that featured several other highly prized breeds. This is almost unheard of for an animal that is barely one year old, and truly goes to highlight the inherent skill shown by the breeders at South Side Dogs.

The specialists at South Side Dogs have shown a great ability to selecting the ideal dogs for breeding. This skillset means that the company has continually produced animals that possess all the key traits expected of top class breeds. These traits include excellent health, a robust nature, high intelligence, unparalleled skill levels and a calm temperament. And each of these traits is exemplified by the Rhodesian Ridgebacks, such as Henry.

As a highly intelligent breed, the Rhodesian Ridgeback is known to love home life and is comfortable around children, who will adore the animal’s playful nature and excellent perception during interactions with people. Another advantage to the Rhodesian Ridgeback breed is that their coat is short and dense, which means that they are exceptionally easy to maintain and keep in immaculate condition.

For those who favor an active lifestyle, the Rhodesian Ridgeback is an ideal companion. That’s because they love nothing more than running around outside and playing. This means that many previous clients of South Side Dogs have noted that the Rhodesian Ridgebacks they received from the organization are now a regular running or walking partner as they travel their local neighborhood.

Whether clients are searching for a future show champion like Henry or a family pet that will offer many years of loving companionship, the Rhodesian Ridgebacks available through South Side Dogs represent the ideal breed.

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