South Side Dogs Owner Frank Popolizio Announces Rise in Vizsla Ownership

Worcester, NY, May 26, 2012 --( Owner and founder of South Side Dogs, Frank Popolizio has recently announced that his organization has seen a great surge in demand for Vizslas. The Vizsla breed’s popularity stems primarily from their highly affectionate nature, which makes the animal the ideal family pet for those with small children, in addition to those looking for a robust dog that just loves to run with their owner.

The Viszla breed originated within the greater Hungarian Kingdom, and is one of the oldest dog breeds emanating from that region of the world. Vizslas are extremely rare in modern day because they were previously held closely by nobility due to their statuesque physique and calm nature. In fact, until the early 1940s, few of these animals ever left Hungary. But as more and more dog lovers discover the breed, Viszla ownership levels are rising across North America.

South Side Dogs have experienced a continuous increase in requests for Viszlas in recent years as many of the organization’s clients see the breed as the ideal animal to integrate within the families. This breed is known to grow to be of medium build; ranging in weight from 40lbs to 65lbs and from 21 to 24 inches in height. Another beneficial quality of Vizsla breed is that they have smooth, dense coats that rarely shed – therefore ensuring that home environments remain largely free from hair.

When clients select these highly adaptable animals from the specialist breeders at South Side Dogs, they will be receiving the highest quality Vizslas found at any of the leading North American breeders.

Owner Frank Popolizio handpicks dogs from champion bloodlines found in the United States and Hungary. This means South Side Dogs are able to attain the best quality animals in terms of all the key traits that modern owners require in their dogs, such as health, looks, personality, intelligence, skill and temperament. Those that do acquire one of the Vizslas now available from South Side Dogs will receive an animal that, with a little nurturing, can truly be the ideal companion for many years ahead.

To learn more about the Vizsla breed, and the various other dog breeds now available through South Side Dogs, please visit the organization’s website at
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