Wireless USB Modem Support by Perle Console Servers

Perle provides a solution to access serial console ports on equipment in remote locations where no IP network is available.

Nashville, TN, May 31, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Perle Systems, a global provider of advanced serial to Ethernet and secure device networking solutions, today announced wireless USB modem support by its IOLAN Console Server line of products. Perle’s IOLAN SCS Console Servers enable administrators to securely access remote serial console ports on equipment such as PBX, servers, routers, network storage equipment and security appliances through an IP network.

IOLAN SCS Console Servers come standard with a PCI Interface Slot, and can, with the simple customer installable addition of Perle’s USB Adapter Card support a 3rd party wireless USB modem stick. Using a wireless USB modem means that an IOLAN SCS Console Server installed in a location without access to Ethernet or a phone line can, with out-of-band management, allow a network administrator to obtain a reliable connection to manage and monitor remote IT assets.

Al Davies, Director of Product Marketing at Perle Systems says, “In this day and age it is simply not acceptable to not be able to access and troubleshoot your critical remote equipment. Remote access through the use of cellular data technology is a viable and cost effective solution.”

Find out more about some alternate uses for the PCI interface slot on the IOLAN Console Server such as making a direct fiber connection to the Console Server, or using a wireless PCMCIA cellular card for out-of-band access to your equipment.
Perle Systems
Julie McDaniel