Integrated Nipple-Sparing Breast Reconstruction Offers Life-Changing Results to Breast Cancer Survivors

Chicago, IL, June 01, 2012 --( One in eight women in the United States will be diagnosed with breast cancer. In 2011, according to, that represents a staggering 2.6 million breast cancer survivors in the US alone. The impact of breast cancer on its victims is not only physical, but deeply emotional as well, especially when a mastectomy is required. Thankfully, for the 75% of women who have mastectomies who also elect for breast reconstruction, there is hope. Dr. Thomas L. Jackson, a preeminent expert plastic surgeon based in Columbus, Ind., has pioneered the use of an integrated nipple-sparing mastectomy with immediate breast reconstruction technique that offers truly life-changing results to his patients.

Dr. Jackson has been working closely in tandem with oncologic and general surgeons to perform this ground-breaking procedure in one integrated surgery. First, the mastectomy is completed ensuring the preservation of the nipple and the associated nerves. Dr. Jackson then carefully reconstructs the breast employing a tissue expander technique while safeguarding these nerves and the sensitivity. This seamless approach enables a woman to leave with breast mounds that come as close as possible to the form and appearance of the natural breast – all in one operation, one hospital stay. The result is both a restoration of the breasts and the emotional well-being of the patient.

While he has championed this procedure for more than five years, his connection to this cause suddenly became acutely personal when his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year. He assisted in her immediate breast reconstruction following a bilateral mastectomy just months ago using this technique.

“This approach gives breast cancer survivors a new lease on life and restores much-needed confidence during an incredibly difficult time,” states Dr. Jackson. “The power it has to transform what has traditionally been a traumatic experience into a positive one is amazing. And to witness this change in my patients post-op is nothing less than inspiring and humbling.”

A renowned authority, Dr. Thomas L. Jackson is a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon with over 20 years of experience. He continues to be one of the busiest reconstructive surgeons in the region with four to six breast reconstructions a week, yet still finds time to train medical students, residents, and other cosmetic and plastic surgeons on this important advance in breast reconstruction.

Dr. Jackson along with Dr. Harold Bafitis are the featured keynote speakers at the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery’s (AACS) upcoming hands-on cadaver dissection workshop on New and Established Techniques in Breast and Body Contouring. Held June 21-23 at the prestigious Practical Anatomy & Surgical Center training facility at Saint Louis University, the event gathers a world-class faculty to present new and established procedures and complications management in the field of body and breast contouring.

“In cosmetic surgery, patient safety is paramount to avoid and mediate complications,” states Dr. Robert F. Jackson, course co-director and father of Dr. Thomas Jackson. “This workshop is the perfect balance of learning new leading-edge techniques, honing existing skill sets and, perhaps most importantly, managing negative outcomes. The expert panel discussions combined with one-on-one time with the world-renowned faculty is invaluable.”

Each day is focused on one area of cosmetic surgery with hands-on cadaver work incorporated into the second half of the day. Day one focuses on Breast Augmentation and Mastopexy; day two on Breast Reduction and; day three on Body Contouring. Attendees can register for their choice of breast, body or both workshops.

New and Established Techniques in Breast and Body Contouring
June 21-23, 2012
Saint Louis University, MO
Course Co-Directors: Drs. Robert F. Jackson and Michael Kluska
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