BIME CHINA Partners with China Mobile at 4th China Cloud Computing Conference

Creative BI Platform on China Mobile’s Cloud Computing Platform Targets Millions of Chinese SMBs and Large Organizations

San Francisco, CA, June 01, 2012 --( BIME CHINA, a pioneer in powerful cloud business intelligence, today announced a partnership with China Mobile, the leading mobile services provider in Mainland China with the world’s largest mobile network and the world’s largest mobile customer base. BIME China also participated in The 4th China Cloud Computing Conference at the China National Convention Center which took place 23-25 May.

BIME CHINA, the award-winning cloud BI platform, is now fully integrated into China Mobile’s Big Cloud Platform to provide SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) business intelligence solutions to Chinese enterprises and government agencies. Compared to traditional BI products, BIME is more flexible and more practical, because users do not need specialized knowledge, and deployment of the product does not require expensive IT resources. BIME also provides mobile versions to users of iPhone, iPad, Android mobile phones and tablets.

The 4th China Cloud Computing Conference is sponsored by the Chinese Institute of Electronics and is recognized as the world’s largest cloud computing conference in terms of the number of participants, technology solutions presented, and range of industries represented. The breadth, depth and scale of this year’s conference sets a new record, further highlighting the rising importance of cloud computing in China. BIME CHINA will share application experiences and use cases from Europe and the United States to demonstrate that every enterprise can “mine their own business.”

“As a global SaaS BI supplier, we are extremely honored that BIME has been completely integrated with China Mobile's Big Cloud platform to provide users in China a cloud based BI service,” said Rachel Delacour, CEO and co-founder of BIME (We Are Cloud), based in France. “The China Cloud Computing and the country’s BI market has tremendous potential, and we are ready to share our advanced technology and experience with Chinese users.”

Greaman Wu, General Manager of BIME China, said: “The China Mobile Big Cloud platform is our key partner in China. Thanks to its superb resources, management and capabilities, it will provide high-quality public cloud services to a huge number of Chinese SMBs and institutions. While cloud standards in China are not unified and the adoption of SaaS is not consistent, we believe that our win-win partnership with China Mobile will lead the way for the introduction of valuable and innovative SaaS BI technology to thousands of organizations in China.” Rachel Delacour added:”Traditional BI vendors have limited cloud capabilities when it comes to technical flexibility and ease-of-use. Our main target customers are both SMBs and the traditional customers in areas such as telecommunications, finance and government.”

BIME has from the start been focusing on powerful BI software designed for everyone – from the IT expert to the business user. It is an analysis tool that is easy to use with extremely powerful analytical capabilities. BIME allows users to connect and dive into data sets in any browser, no matter whether the data reside on-premise or on a web server. Users can answer difficult business questions through intuitive visualizations and securely publish or share results with dashboards. Bime helps users answer the key business issues quickly to help them make faster decisions -- regardless of whether they are using a PC, notebook, a tablet or smartphone.

About BIME:
Founded in 2009 in Montpellier, a hotbed of academic R&D in the South of France, BIME (We are Cloud) powers the first pure cloud BI service for the age of Big Data. BIME delivers simple-to-use yet powerful data analysis, visualization and dashboarding as a fast, easy and low-cost service. The company has been recognized as “Best European Start Up of the Year” at ICT Spring 2011 and “Best Cloud Application” by the Cloud Computing World Series Awards.

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